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Grants at Work

Faculty Grants and Fellowships 2015-16

Salman Hameed, associate professor of integrated science and humanities, was awarded a $204,348 grant from the Templeton Religion Trust to develop an analytic framework to analyze Islam and science videos that are available online, particularly the individuals who are engaged in the online Islam and science discourse as producers of videos and participants who comment on the videos.

Faculty Grants and Fellowships 2014-15

Alicia E. Ellis, assistant professor of German and comparative literature, was awarded a Five College Blended Learning Grant for the project “Writing from the Diaspora: Contemporary Women's Literature,” in which students will use literary and historical evidence, data gathered through archival testimonial sources, and select online tools to present and visualize interactive data taken directly from the literary sources.

Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann, assistant professor of African studies, was awarded a $20,000 post-Ph.D. research grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for the project "Slavers in the Family: The Archaeology of the Slaver in Eighteenth Century Gold Coast." Read more about Professor Engmann's project here.

Uzma Aslam Khan, assistant professor of fiction writing, was awarded a $6,000 fellowship from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation to assist with her exploration of political prisoners during 1930s British India, from their role in the independence movement to their arrest and subsequent deportation.

Karen Koehlerprofessor of architectural and art history was awarded a second Digital Humanities Grant from Five Colleges Inc. to fund student internship placements throughout the Five College Museums as part of the Institute for Curatorial Practice.

Jim Millerprofessor of communications, was awarded a Five College Blended Learning Grant for the project, “Media in Cars,” in which students will learn about the technological, design and social factors of media in cars from about 1920 in the US, and construct (ideally 3D) online models of media in cars as well as an online database of foundational information. 

Lee Spector, professor of computer science, was awarded a $5,000 grant from Google Education and the University Relations of Tides Foundation for the Google CS Engagement Small Awards Program. This grant will support the re-envisioning of Dr. Spector's "Programming for Science" course.

Hope Tucker, assistant professor of video and film, was awarded a $5,054 fellowship from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation, which will support research into a nuclear accident in Southern Spain, resulting in a long-form experimental documentary called Palomares.

Institutional Grants 2014-15

The American Mathematical Society awarded the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics program a $5,000 grant.

Hampshire's Spiritual Life program was awarded a $2,460 grant from the UMass Hillel House.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded two grants to the College: a $65,000 planning grant for the Library Learning Commons and a $300,000 grant to continue the program, Bridge to Retirement: Facilitating Intergenerational Change.

The PopDev program was awarded a $15,685 grant from the Antipode Foundation, Ltd. to host a symposium in Spring 2016.

The James Baldwin Scholars Program received a grant from the William C. Bullitt Foundation ($10,000), the Sperry Fund ($25,000) and two grants from the Breaking the Cycle Foundation (totaling $40,000). 

The Kendall Foundation awarded $250,000 to Hampshire College to support our 100% Local Food Challenge, a component of Hampshire's Healthy Food Transition. 

The Hampshire College Farm was the recipient of a National Science Foundation subcontract from Holyoke Community College for the program, Advanced Technological Education. The project focuses on applying the knowledge of clean energy technology to the agricultural sector, with all Hampshire activities, led by Dr. Beth Hooker, taking place at the Farm Center.

The Princess Grace Foundation awarded $1,200 to the Film/Photo/Video program.

The Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP) program has received grants from the Demartini Foundation ($5,000), Ettinger Foundation, ($5,000), the Ms. Foundation ($10,000), the Mary Wohlford Foundation ($15,000), Moriah Fund ($15,000), Anderson-Rogers Foundation ($20,000), Huber Foundation ($25,000), Foundation for a Just Society ($50,000), the Gund Foundation ($50,000), General Service Foundation ($70,000) the Ford Foundation ($350,000) for general operating support. 



Faculty and Institutional Grants 2013-14

Faculty and Institutional Grants 2012-13

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