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The book from the library that you couldn't put down. The class that changed your life. The professor who taught you to value, and challenge, your ideas.

Gifts that make a difference.

With the generous support of so many of our alums, parents, and friends, the Hampshire Fund turns possibilities into reality: providing critical financial aid support, empowering students and faculty, and investing in facilities maintenance and growth.

The Hampshire Fund generates over $1.829 million yearly (equivalent to the income provided by a $40.5 million endowment).

Graduate Gift Challenge

82% of graduating students contributed to the Graduate Gift Program in 2014. Participate in the graduate gift challenge.


Statistics show that classmate-to-classmate solicitation is the most effective way to raise money for the College. It's also a great way to reconnect with your fellow alums. Volunteer for the Hampshire Fund

Your gift made a difference. Thank you for giving back.

2014-2015 Hampshire Fund Results
$1.829 Million
22% Alum Participation

2013-2014 Hampshire Fund Results
$1.70 Million
27% Alum Participation

2012-2013 Hampshire Fund Results
$1.82 Million
26% Alum Participation

2011-2012 Hampshire Fund Results
$1.75 Million
28.8% Alum Participation

2010-2011 Hampshire Fund Results
$1.6 Million
26.2% Alum Participation


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A message from Ellen Sturgis 77F, Chair of the Alumni Advisory Group.

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Today, everything we do is focused on supporting the young people who will challenge and change their world. We’re all in. Our students are all in. We need you to be all in with us.
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