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What is the Hampshire Fund?

The Hampshire Fund begins where tuition leaves off. Your gift to the Hampshire Fund supports campus improvement, faculty and staff compensation, academic innovation, and scholarships. Gifts defray the costs of, for example, Wi-Fi, journal subscriptions, light bulbs, llama food, beakers, theatre lights, greenhouse irrigation, counselors, lab monitors, faculty research, and much more.

Current Challenges

50th Anniversary Hampshire Fund Pledge: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the College in 2020, if you pledge your Hampshire Fund gift over the next 3 years, it will be matched dollar for dollar, each year, by a generous trustee.

Double Challenge: If you double your most recent gift to the Hampshire Fund, a generous 70's alum will match it dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.

Why is participation so important?

Foundations, corporations, and other donors scrutinize the percentage of alums who give. It stands as a vote of confidence for the College from those who know it best.

"When alums and parents give to Hampshire, we send a clear message that those who know the College best are investing in its mission and its future. Our donations to Hampshire mean more opportunities for current and future students to attend a college that fosters a lifelong passion for learning, inquiry, and ethical citizenship.Your gift inspires a new generation of students to be passionate about not just learning, but also justice, and to want to effect positive change in the world. Your gift enables Hampshire to continue being a transformative influence in higher education—and an important alternative in a crowded field of competitive colleges." -- Ellen Sturgis 77F, former chair of the Alumni Advisory Group

Hampshire Fund dollars

Your gift made a difference. Thank you for giving back.


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