Inspiration. Change. Pride. Priorities.

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Inspiration. Change. Pride. Priorities.

Our students love to learn and innovate through experimentation. They are individuals who share an unabashed fearlessness to ask questions, follow their academic passions, forge new connections, and press forward in the face of adversity.

To know is not enough. We're teaching our students how to change their world and ours.

"I hope that alumni continue to donate to the College so that more students can be funded for Division II and Division III projects and research work."

Appa Salvi 13S

"I always say that if you had a positive experience at Hampshire, it’s your responsibility to make sure future students can have just as positive an experience, if not better than the one you had yourself."

Mitchell Krieger 11F

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This is Hampshire’s time. Let’s embrace it together.
Today, everything we do is focused on supporting the young people who will challenge and change their world. We’re all in. Our students are all in. We need you to be all in with us.
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