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2012 Tashmoo Guest Lectures

Kelly Reichardt

April 12, 2012

kelly reichardt

The Tashmoo Lecture Series welcomes award-winning filmmaker Kelly Reichardt, who will present her film Meek's Cutoff, on Thursday, April 12 at 7 p.m, Screening Room 120, Liebling Center, Hampshire College. Reception and discussion with filmmaker to follow.
Reichardt is a recipient of many awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Los Angeles Film Critics Award. She teaches at Bard College.
"Meek's Cutoff, like all of director Kelly Reichardt's previous features (River of Grass; Old Joy; Wendy and Lucy), is essentially a road movie about both the unequal distribution of power and resources and the frustrations of the disenfranchised. Tracking three hungry and thirsty families on the long wagon journey from Missouri to Oregon in the mid-19th century, who are lost because of the poor navigational skills of their wild-man hired guide, the film is based on extensive research by Reichardt and screenwriter John Raymond. They adapted many details from the journals of women who trekked with the real-life Meek, who disastrously led a splinter group off the Oregon Trail." -- Karina Longworth

Werner Herzog

April 24, 2012

Werner Herzog

On Tuesday afternoon, April 24, 2012, Werner Herzog participated in a Q and A dialogue with Hampshire College faculty, alums, and students attending Baba Hillman's "Cinematography and the City: The Politics of Landscape and the Body" class and Joan Braderman's "Making History: Producing Non-Fiction in Film and Video" class. Will Delphia, one of our Division III students, made the following observations about the event: "Herzog's larger-than-life personality, with his ingeniously funny, dry, Germanically-delivered responses, created a sort of game-like atmosphere where members of the Hampshire College film/photo/video/installation/performance community volleyed their best academic and artistic challenges at the aloof Herzog, and he with a demeanor that seemed paradoxically simultaneously authentic and contrived would respond in a way that both flattered and belittled the intellect behind our questions." Permission was not granted to videotape this event.

Werner Herzog's lecture at Amherst College can be seen at the following website:

herzog 1

photo by A. Ravett


photo by A. Ravett


photo by A. Ravett

photo by John Gunther

photo by J. Gunther

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photo by B. Brand

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