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Room Choosing Procedures

Hoping you can change rooms for the spring? Wondering who will fill that vacant room in your mod? This page will give you information about the most common questions and concerns that students have about their room assignments. 

New Student Housing: New students are housed based on their housing preference form, which is accessed through The Hub. The form is available beginning in early June for the fall term, and should be submitted by July 1. The form will reopen in mid-December for those students entering in the spring semester, and should be submitted by January 15. More information is available on our new student housing page.

Changing Rooms: Students who need to move based on extraordinary circumstances must meet with their area coordinator to discuss the circumstances. If your area coordinator approves a room change, the assistant director of residence life will assign you a room based on current vacancies, taking into account your preferences.

Temporary Housing: Some fall semesters we have more students enrolled than beds on campus. In those cases, we use selected Dakin and Merrill lounges as student rooms until regular dorm rooms become available. 

Leaving School During the Semester: If you need to leave school unexpectedly, you'll be given 48 hours to move out of your room once you've submitted your leave/withdrawal papers. It is important to consider the timing of your departure before handing in your paperwork. Come talk to us in the HOO to get more information about returning keys and getting your room checked out. Please contact the assistant director of residence life immediately if you have special needs regarding your move. 

Mod Vacancies: Mod vacancies are filled by housing operations based on seniority and special needs, in order to keep things fair for the student body as a whole. While we understand that mod groups often wish to have a friend move into a vacancy, please keep in mind that another student may have a pressing need for that space. Please contribute to our community by welcoming your new modmate with open arms, even if it isn't the person you were hoping for! 

Moving for Spring Term: You should plan to stay in your assigned room for the entire year. Approvals to move for spring are based on need, and will be limited by the students who are coming back to campus from leave and who are transferring in. Mod openings will be given to those students first. If you'd like to move between fall and spring, please check out our information on changing rooms.

Housing Lottery 2.0: You will get a chance to choose your housing each spring during the housing lottery. The lottery is held over a two week period at the end of the spring semester. We provide an online guide to help you plan. Important: This info is updated mid-March, and the deadlines and available mods change each year.

Identity-Based Housing: Find out more about creating and living in an identity-based mod!

Intentional Housing Communities: Find out more about creating and living in an IHC!

Substance-Free Housing: Hampshire is dedicated to providing a number of substance-free spaces every year in the dorms and mods. The first step in the process is registering for substance-free status through the housing operations office.

Off-Campus Housing: If you are interested in living off-campus, you'll have the opportunity to apply in the spring. Not all applications are approved, so it is critical that you do not sign a lease prior to gaining off-campus status. 

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