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The Dorm Lottery

The lottery for dorm halls and Prescott Suite 104 will be held on Wednesday, April 30. All registration packets due by 1 p.m.

Hallways in Dakin and Merrill require a minimum of 5 students to form a lottery group. Any unfilled rooms on a hall will be assigned to new and continuing students by the housing operations office. Designations are pre-set in the dorms, and groups will need to adhere to those designations.

When you pick up your registration form (pdf) for the dorm lottery you'll also be getting:

  • A designations sheet listing all halls available in the lottery. This will tell you what the hall's noise designation is, if it has a gendered designation, if it's substance free or not, which room the double is, and where the intern rooms are.
  • A room preference sheet. Your group will indicate room preference on each of your three top-ranked halls. Choosing rooms proactively means you won't have to come back to the housing operations office to do this once your group has won a hall. This will also allow students to sign up for individual dorm rooms while ensuring you get the room you want.

Quirks of the Dorm Lottery

  • Merrill Halls: Short and long sides of a floor are considered separate hallways with seperate designations.
  • Merrill C-basement: You must have exactly four people in your group to bid for C-basement. This precludes you from bidding for other dorm halls.
  • Prescott Suite 104: You must have exactly 6 people in your group in order to bid for the suite. Groups bidding for the suite will also have the ability to rank dorm halls on their registration form. Like a dorm hall, the suite has a refrigerator but not a full kitchen. Students living in the suite are required to be on a full meal plan.

Dorm Room Sign-Up for Students Unhoused After the Lottery begins Thursday, May 1 at 3 pm and ends May 9 at 4 p.m. All students not assigned to a mod must sign up for a dorm room in the HOO. Dorm rooms will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Failure to sign up for a space prior to leaving campus will result in a HOO-assigned room. Students can only get on the mod wait list once they have an assigned room on campus.

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