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Carol and Blair Brown Staff Excellence Awards Program

The Carol and Blair Brown Staff Excellence Awards Program recognizes staff members who, individually or as members of a team, have made an exceptional contribution to Hampshire College. In very special ways, these employees represent the spirit of Hampshire. They are shining examples of what Hampshire staff can be when they are at their very best.

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Former chairman and long-time member of Hampshire College’s board of trustees, Blair Brown, and his wife, Carol, wish to recognize and provide encouragement for staff as they play their essential part in the Hampshire community. More than merely taking care of administrative tasks, staff honor the principles of the college structure of students, parents, faculty, alumni, administration, and curriculum. In the words of Carol and Blair Brown, “No school or college can function, let alone flourish, without the dedication of staff. We recognize their dedication that has contributed to the growth of Hampshire College.”

Nomination and Letter of Support Forms

In order to write an effective nomination or letter of support, we highly recommend that you do the following:

  1. Read the nomination guidelines, which include valuable tips on writing your nomination.
  2. Read the awards criteria to make sure that your nomination is tied to at least one of the criteria.
  3. Type your nomination or letter of support in Word or another word processing application and paste it in to the appropriate form below. This will provide you the flexibility to make edits before submitting, and also ensure that the nomination does not exceed the two-page limit.

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Guidelines & Criteria

To learn more about this program and how you can nominate an outstanding staff member, please read
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