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Protect Your Computer Against Viruses and Worms: Update Regularly

Once a month, on what has become called "patch Tuesday" (the second Tuesday of each month), Microsoft releases updates to Windows and Internet Explorer. Apple releases operating system and application updates on a less regular, but at least as frequent, basis. These updates are used to distribute bug fixes, feature enhancements, and to address security issues.

We strongly recommend that you check for and install any updates on a weekly basis. That way, not only are you keeping up with important changes, but each update is quick and painless. This helps protect your computer and others from potentially damaging viruses and worms.

Windows Updates

If your computer is setup to perform Autoupdate, you might see a message balloon in the lower right corner of your screen (called the system tray), telling you that updates are available. Please take the time to install these updates. They help prevent infections from new Internet viruses and worms.

Mac Updates

If you have automatic updates turned on you will have been prompted to install updates to the system. If you haven't seen this request, or if you have deferred the updates, please take some time to follow the link below to set up and begin automatic updating.

Installation Instructions

If you need more information about doing this, visit the THOR page Software Resources and Updates or contact the Help Desk.

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