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Community Websites (CWS)

An installation of Moodle used for Hampshire College and Five College community and/or committee collaboration. Provides feature-rich (forums, wikis, quickmail, etc) sites that allow for permission-based communication and sharing.


Open source content management system (CMS) used by authors all over campus to create and maintain content as part of the Hampshire College website. Drupal is also used for the student handbook. Email for assistance with using Drupal.


Open source learning management system (LMS) used for Hampshire course websites. Email for assistance with Moodle.


Content management system (CMS) used to maintain password protected content as part of the Hampshire College Intranet. See the documentation or send an email to for assistance with using RedDot.


Open source content management system (CMS) used for blogs and faculty websites. Wordpress is not used to create websites that should in fact be hosted on and that do not require a blogging platform.
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