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Advanced Media

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Media isn't just for concentrators anymore. No one discipline really owns it, and everyone can benefit from using it. The media basement facilities are available to all Hampshire members, but priority is given to Division III students. Our background, both personal and departmental, is video production, but our work today is much broader.

Media has encompassed more and more forms and methods, resulting in a rich and powerful range of skill sets and modes of presentation. Oddly, because of this richness and complexity there is so much to learn and master that we no longer can. Our current work model is simply to learn as we go. If we had to learn everything before we could begin we would never get anything done. So our world is one in which feeling comfortable with uncertainty and complexity, and working with only partial understanding and still getting our work done, is the norm.

We think mastering this method and developing your confidence and skill sets as much as possible will serve you well and prepare you for life during and after Hampshire.


The Lab

We think of our work as lab-based; it is not so much centered on the physicality of the room as it is intent on the process of direct experimentation and the refinement of technical procedures sparked by wit, creativity, and insight. The product of the work is mostly stories, both about our lives and families and stories of self-discovery and personal voice. They come alive as we make them, and that excitement of creation sustains our work. You can learn to do that too.


We offer ongoing workshops and tutorials for groups, classes, and individuals. Topics include: Lighting, Audio Recording, Camera work, Final Cut Pro editing, ProTools editing, DVD Studio Pro, Photoshop, Scanning, Podcasting, QuickTime VRs, Streaming Media, and the full list of applications.

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Reality Check

Hampshire College is a liberal arts college where an unusually large number of graduates work in film and media at a very high level. Yes, it’s true that the skill set for being a successful Hollywood producer is exactly the same skill set for being a successful Hampshire student: doing the deal, raising money, hiring and firing people, setting up meetings, never taking no for an answer, but that alone isn’t enough to make it in the business.

Filmmaking as a business is in dramatic flux; if your parents are in the business you know that already. Preparing for that much change is difficult and uncertain at best. If you are heading toward a moving target you will have to change your direction many times before you get there. A single curriculum doesn’t fit that task.

So what really describes a filmmaker of the middle twenty-first century? First, it’s really more of a media maker. It’s a person with a good sense of design and a real feel for history. It’s a person who can talk easily with all kinds of people and develop a rapport quickly. It’s someone who’s really great with a camera and sound. It’s someone who enjoys solving problems not only daily, but hourly. It’s someone who understands how stories work and who has good writing skills. It’s someone who enjoys life and people. It’s someone who wants to have fun every day and share that with others. While Hampshire is not a filmmaking school, it turns out a lot of our graduates end up being involved in film and media.

Today in digital media anyone can make a movie. That's not enough. We need to move way beyond that. At Hampshire the goal is not just to make the movie, but to learn how to make the movie. That takes time, patience, practice, skills, and emotional strength. We're in it for the long haul. We’re in it for life.

John Gunther
Manager for Advanced Media

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Training and skill development in the production of media.


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