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Student Work in NS

All students in Hampshire College's School of Natural Science engage in hands-on, original scientific research. Some of this research is done in courses, but many students also design their own independent investigations, which they carry out under the guidance of faculty. Areas of interest include environmental sciences, agricultural studies, health sciences, and more.

Hampshire students complete their academic programs with a final stage of work known as Division III. Div III students, as they're called on campus, undertake year-long, self-designed projects that tie together and expand on their earlier work.

Natural science projects range from major research papers to laboratory and field investigations. Some of these lead to publications and presentations for which the student is the first author.

Student Project   Combining Environmental Science with Policy and Management

Max Neale goes at the Asian clam from all angles.

Student Project   Designing DNA

Isaac Bruss can tell DNA to self-assemble into a structure of his own choosing.

Amber Bonarrigo  

Ice Meets Math in Svalbard

Div III student Amber Bonarrigo explores climate change through her study of Lake Linné in the Arctic.



More than a Classroom

As a Div III microbiology student, Erin Eggleston conducted research on rugged bacteria that thrive in harsh conditions.
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