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Volume 8  |  Issue 1 |  June 16, 2016

Welcome to the New Student News. This handy newsletter will come to you periodically throughout the summer, bringing you important information, dates, deadlines, and resources that you will want to know about as a new student. Our newsletter is just one of the many ways that we will support you as you begin your journey at Hampshire, always with the goal of helping you to be better informed.

Speaking of being informed, have you taken the time yet to peruse the new student programs website? This is the place to go for information regarding housingcomputing, and all the other details you will want to think about before you arrive. The new student programs page also includes information about the orientation program that you will be participating in from September 1 through September 5, and a schedule of orientation will be available on the website later in the summer.

Remember, we are here to help, and we encourage you to be in touch with any questions or concerns that you have between now and September!

Jessica Ortiz, director of new student programs; and Laura Melbin, associate dean of advising

Dates and Deadlines

You will be required to complete a number of forms prior to your arrival on campus, most of which are available on TheHub. A full list of required forms and their deadlines is available on the new student forms page. Deadlines for the following forms are approaching in the coming weeks:

Vehicle Registration is first come, first served.
Parking Office: 413.559.6151

Housing Preferences (via TheHub) due July 1, 2016
Housing Operations Office: 413.559.5453

Health and Counseling Services Forms due July 1, 2016
Health and Counseling Services: 413.559.5458

International Student Forms
  Arrival Form for International Student Visa Holders
  Host Family Program
  Peer Mentorship Program
Multicultural and International Student Services: 413.559.5461

Course Preferences (via TheHub) due July 1, 2016
Central Records office: 413.559.5421

ID Photo Submission (via TheHub) due August 14, 2016
Onecard office: 413.559.6029

Advisor Questionnaire (via TheHub) due August 14, 2016
Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA): 413.559.5498

Hometown News Release (via TheHub) due August 14, 2016
Communications Office: 413.559.5482

Student Health Insurance Waiver due August 14, 2016 (Waiver form available July 1, 2016)
Student Accounts Office: 413.559.6982

Who is Your Advisor?

Every first-year student takes a course known as a "tutorial," which is taught by the professor who is also serving as your advisor. You'll see your advisor in class during the first semester, and you'll work with your advisor during Div I (and through your third semester) as you develop your academic interests. Your advisor will help you select courses, connect to faculty in your field, and periodically review your academic progress. You will have multiple opportunities to meet with your advisor formally during the first three semesters, and informally as often as you need.

While it is nice to have an advisor who works in the field of study you are interested in, it is not necessary. All first year advisors, no matter what they teach, can help first year students progress at Hampshire, develop a program of study, and serve as an academic support and guide. Your advisor will work with you no matter what you think you want to study.  You may choose to work with your first year advisor as you transition into Division II, or you may find new faculty to work with you in Division II, depending on your focus or concentration.

Transfer students will be assigned an advisor in their first semester, and will then be able to change advisors once they have a clearer sense of the work they will be doing at Hampshire. More information on this will be available during orientation.

Choosing Courses for Your First Semester

The course preference form is now available on TheHub, and you can enter or edit your course preferences until Friday, July 1. Once you are logged in, select the following menu options: >Students >New Student To Do List >Forms >Course Preferences.

You will need your Hampshire College (HampNet) username and password to access these forms. If you are having username or password problems, contact the IT Help Desk. To change a password or receive a username or password reminder, visit the College website. If you have technical difficulty with TheHub, email TheHub Help Desk at any time.

The course preference selection process on TheHub will walk you through a collection of forms that include information on policies and course registration procedures. You can edit your course preferences any time until July 1. If you have questions regarding registration policies, please contact the central records office.

In August, you will be able to see your tentative schedule of classes on TheHub. This schedule may change slightly prior to your arrival. Before classes begin in September, you will have a scheduled meeting with your advisor where you can discuss making changes to your schedule, registering for instructor permission courses, and registering for Five College courses (including Five College language courses).

Questions about course selection? Contact central records (413.559.5421) or the Center for Academic Support and Advising (413.559.5498).

Staying Connected

There are lots of ways you can stay connected and get information over the summer before you arrive on campus. Here are a few:

Have questions, ideas, or announcements to submit?

"New Student News" is produced by the office of new student programs. Email us at For more information, view the new student website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or check out our blog.


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