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2008 Division III Projects

A Haven for the Homeless   tv icon  A Haven for the Homeless
A documentary film explores the subject of homelessness.
Algae as Biofuel   Algae as Biofuel?
Imagine a future in which a clean, renewable biofuel powers our lives.
An Alternative Habitat   An Alternative Habitat
Cora Ann Johnston's eyes sparkle when she talks about juvenile blue crabs.
Chemicals of Fear   Chemicals of Fear
Azteca ants protect our coffee.
Computer Collaboration   Computer Collaboration
Getting computers to work together is the goal of Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin's final Hampshire project.
Div III Tests Boundaries   Div III Tests Boundaries
In writing a play about Israel and Palestine, May graduate Sharon Goldberg sought to break down barriers.
Drawn Conclusion   tv icon  Drawn Conclusion
Sarah Clark combined animation, illustration, and storytelling.
Echoes from Orion   tv icon  Echoes from Orion
A Division III performance by Mike Burakoff.
Framing Fantasy   Framing Fantasy
Jerusha Tiffany Jagger Chapman-Hirsch created a series of graphic novels.
Handbook for Young Writers Program   Handbook for Young Writers Program
Jacob Lefton's handbook contains resources for youth writing programs.
Rock Varnish   tv icon  Rock Varnish
Microbiology student Erin Eggleston researches biofilms growing on rocks.
No Fortunate One   No Fortunate One
2008 graduate Josh Arnoudse received a prestigious Princess Grace Film Honorarium in 2007.
Div III Showcase   tv icon  Div III Showcase
Graduating students present some of their Division III projects to family and friends.
10 Words or Less   tv icon  10 Words or Less
Students talk about their Division III projects.
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