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2009 Div III Projects

All Hampshire students complete advanced academic work on an independent project during their final year in college. The student chooses the topic and form of the Division III, and works closely with a faculty committee.

Below are just a few of the outstanding Division III (capstone) projects completed by students in the 2009 graduating class.

Vibhu Norby   Solving Email Overload
Vibhu Norby wants to make your life easier—at least, when it comes to your inbox.
Alana Vehaba   'Two Tibets' in Dharamsala
Alana Vehaba explores the relationship between Tibetans born in Tibet before emigrating to India and those born in exile.
Lived Landscape   Writing A Lived Landscape
Annie Nichol blends environmental studies, anthropology, and fiction and blurs the distinction between people and the environment.
Zebediah Engberg   Number Theory
From mathematical equations to competitive rock climbing, Zebediah Engberg loves a challenge.
Katelin Wilton thumbnail   Representations of Children
Katelin Wilton helped found a youth support group in Zanzibar for children affected by HIV/AIDS.
Diary of a Div III   Diary of a Div III
Taryn Johnson allowed the camera to follow her creation of a project in marine science and animation.
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Luke Grecki   Phyllotaxis Dynamics
Luke Grecki used Five College collaboration in creating computer simulations based on mathematical models of plant leaf patterns.
Dooler Campbell   Women's Activism in 20th Century Iran
Dooler Campbell studied the build-up to the Iranian Revolution of 1979.
Sarah Hunter   War and Peace in the Pioneer Valley
Examining the local antiwar movement through creative nonfiction.
Bradford Barr   Evolutionary Robotics
Bradford Barr: "I give the robot a goal...and allow it to adapt to the situation."
Emma Brewster   Community Cookbook
Emma Brewster's project combined health, economics, anthropology, and good food.
Todd Lerew   The Quartz Cantabile
Todd Lerew built an innovative musical instrument, exploring both the physics of sound and design issues.
Melanie Parker   Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Mother-Child Relationships
Toni Morrison's Beloved inspires fiction and analysis of stories of infanticide.
  Div III show: Nathan Tobiason
Nathan Tobiason's furniture ranged from a portable, folding baltic birch chair and table set to a geometric metal couch.
Josh Weissbach  

Cary Grant Film Award
Josh Weissbach received a prestigious award from the Princess Grace Foundation-USA to fund his Division III film.

Alex Torpey   Breaking Taboo
Alex Torpey examined social and cultural taboos around alcohol policy in the United States.
Permaculture   Permaculture
Ned Phillips-Jones wanted the campus community to have an edible forest garden. So he created one.
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Kelley Mariani   Oscillating Bodies
A Division III dance improvisation happening with scores by Kelley Mariani.
Laura Vitkus   Div Free Bell
Laura Vitkus rang the bell so hard the rope broke!


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