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Alumni Profile: Sig Roos (73F), Chair Board of Trustees

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sigmund J. (Sig) Roos (73F) has been elected by the Hampshire College Board of Trustees to a four-year term as chair.

Roos, a Boston attorney specializing in commercial litigation, is a partner in Block and Roos LLP. In addition to his bachelor's degree from Hampshire, he holds a master's degree from Brown University and the J.D. from Northeastern University.

In announcing the election of Roos as her successor, outgoing board chair Florence C. Ladd described it as "an historic moment" in the life of the college: Roos is the first graduate of Hampshire elected to chair the board of trustees.

Roos said that he was initially, and continues to be, drawn to Hampshire because the college is committed to modeling what it teaches. "There is a consistency of philosophy and ethics that runs throughout the campus. What is learned in the classroom can also be seen in how faculty relate to students, how everyone on campus relates to one another, and how we as a community relate to the world at large.

"Hampshire embodies a deep respect for individuality and at the same time a commitment that those individuals be active participants in society, which means being actively involved in improving our culture and our environment and in sustaining our world as a whole," said the new board chair.

Roos is married to Ruth Rohde, also a graduate of Hampshire College, and lives in Concord, Massachusetts.

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