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Hampshire Responds to Increased Financial Aid Needs

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recognizing the challenges many families face in the current economic climate, Hampshire College is making a strong commitment to implement measures to help reduce financial concerns of the families of students who wish to study here.

College officials have announced that an additional $400,000 in financial aid funds will be made available in the upcoming academic year to assist in meeting the increasing needs of middle-income families. The increase is in addition to the $21 million financial aid budget that Hampshire already has dedicated to funding grant and scholarship programs for both new and returning students.

"We are fully committed to doing whatever we can to help students and their families as they experience increased need for assistance," said Karen Parker, director of admissions. Parker said conversations with families have reflected some are concerned about their future ability to pay for college. She also said some applicants and parents had contacted her to express appreciation to Hampshire for eliminating its application fee.

Parker announced November 26 that the college has eliminated the application fee for all students applying for the fall 2009 entering class, and will reimburse any application fees that have already been submitted.

"Students typically apply to several colleges to ensure that they are admitted to and receive sufficient financial assistance to attend a college with the kind of educational programs and environment they seek," said Parker. "The cost of multiple application fees causes some to limit their applications. It is important that we are accessible to all students who wish to apply to Hampshire."

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