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Dedication of the Artemis A.W. Joukowsky III Wing of the Liebling Center

Friday, September 18, 2009

Elaine Mayes's work on display. Jerome Liebling in the next room over, dissecting the merits of a new film. And possibly, well, yes, actually that IS a teenaged Ken Burns in that photo.

What could have been a late-70s snapshot of the Hampshire film and photography program was instead a celebration of the 21st century enhancement that program's facilities have undergone over the past few years. The September 17 dedication of the Artemis A.W. Joukowsky III Wing of the Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video is the latest step of the process.

"It's a remarkable investment to raise money for this institution," said Joukowsky 81F, who was at the center of the daylong event.

Preceding the formal opening of the renovated wing were the screenings of two films connected with Joukowsky. He and Craig Sieben 77S co-produced the climate change "solutions" documentary Carbon Nation. Sieben was also present for the screening and question-and-answer session that began the day. Journey to Freedom, a documentary on Joukowsky's grandparents' efforts to help Jews and anti-Nazi dissidents escape Czechoslovakia and France during World War II, followed.

Joukowsky, Hampshire Board of Trustees chair Sig Roos 73F, President Ralph Hexter, past-President Gregory S. Prince, Jr., and film and photography professor Bill Brand spoke on the importance of the renovation at the dedication ceremony, with Sieben adding a three-song dedication on harmonica. Being surrounded by his mother and father, friends, and the Hampshire community, said Joukowsky, made the day exceptionally memorable.

"Together my parents have been a model for me not just for a partnership, but really in an unrelenting, indefatigable desire to make the world a better place," he said, noting the positive impact fellow Hampshire alums have had in pursuing that ambition. "I'm inspired by my friends and what they're doing every day to contribute to the Hampshire tradition."

Professor Brand used the occasion to announce the new Elaine Mayes endowment, a tribute to the former Hampshire professor that will support student projects. An exhibit of her photos fills the walls of the Joukowsky Wing through October (Mayes visits October 17), and Brand hopes they spark student creativity much as the new resources have.

"I can't tell you how pleasurable it is to work in this space," said Brand. "This is a work environment where we can actually do things the way we want our students to do them."

That, Roos noted, is why the improvements were so essential.

"This newly renovated (wing) allows students the environment and facilities necessary to produce their images, to show us what they see as they grow intellectually," he said. "To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, through their art our students illustrate the change they wish to see in the world, just as Artemis himself has done and continues to do."


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