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Five Colleges invites community to join its planning process

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Five Colleges has embarked on a strategic planning process using community conversations and an interactive website to engage faculty members, administrators, students, and trustees to develop a transformative vision for one of the country's oldest and most successful higher education consortia.

"I want us to look 15 or 20 years out, beyond our own tenures, to imagine what the consortium could be," said Neal Abraham, executive director of Five Colleges. "Together we can develop a truly transformative strategic plan based on a clear and dynamic vision for Five College cooperation. This vision will provide a basis for the five institutions to align their campus strategic plans to advance their overall strengths while enhancing their distinct identities."

The Five College website offers a clearinghouse for planning ideas coming from all members of the campus community. Visitors to the site have access to all the planning documents to date, as well as some from past planning efforts. Most importantly, Five College members may upload their own ideas and review the ideas of others. To date, some 300 ideas have been submitted. "I encourage all members of the Five College campus community to visit our website and share with us their ideas for the future of our consortium," Abraham said.

Ideas from the site will be passed on to working groups charged with forging them into a cohesive plan for the consortium's future. To participate in the Five College planning process, go to and click on the strategic planning icon.

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