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Professor Michael Lesy, BBC Radio on The Great Depression

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Michael Lesy

"Whoever controls a version of the past, the narrative of the past, controls political and economic policy in the present, and then probably controls political and economic policy in the future." – Michael Lesy, professor of literary journalism.

Hampshire College's Michael Lesy was among voices addressing the myths and reality of the Great Depression in 1930s America on the BBC Radio series "Things We Forgot to Remember." The segment addressed issues of historical importance and of contemporary significance.

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Professor Lesy's books of American documentary history include Long Time Coming: A Photographic Portrait of America, 1935-43.

In Long Time Coming, he assembled a collection of 400 photographs, many previously unpublished, by sifting through the more than 145,000 photographs in the Farm Security Administration's Documentary Photography Project archives at the Library of Congress.


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