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DART Grants for Innovative Student Projects Announced

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hampshire's Design, Art, and Technology (DART) program has awarded ten grants to support innovative Division II and Division III student projects.

A faculty review panel drawn from across the College selects funded projects and awards up to $500 each for completion.

Fall 2010 grant recipients and their projects are:

Thomas Clinch
An Exploration of the Human Body Through Sculpture and Drawing
This Division III (senior) project is a series of full-sized human skeletons and several smaller sculptures. They not only showcase the form and function of elements from the human body's various organ systems, but also explore the aesthetic qualities of human anatomy.

Christopher Cole
Intimate Excavations Cole's multimedia
Div III project will culminate in an installation that takes viewers through his creative process. Integrating sculpture, performance, and printmaking, Cole does not treat his artworks as a product but rather as a document of the artistic process.

Zaidee Everett
Zaidee Everett
Sugar Beast
Everett's Div III explores the way people interact with their surroundings through sensory perception. Inspired by sensory objects and games utilized in her work with disabled adults, Everett's fabric-crafted sculptures will include printed textiles, light, texture, and movable parts to create an interactive experience for users in the gallery and beyond.

Rose Mackey
Rose Mackey
Supplements of Suppliants
Ancient and contemporary mythology is explored through a postmodern feminist lens in Mackey's Div III. Mackey aims to subvert a traditional performance of The Suppliants by Aeschylus—a play that is itself seen as a subversion of Greek tragedy by scholars of classical literature—with a nonlinear retelling that incorporates costumes and video pieces.

Ramzi Nakhleh
Open Source: The Curious Critter You Can Build Yourself
Building on coursework in art and design, Nakhleh aims to bring his Division II studies to culmination by combining the electronic and the aesthetic in the creation of an interactive and responsive animal-like sculpture.

Daniel Oran
Daniel Oran
Expressions of Light in Silver
A body of photographic chemical/light paintings and 3D holographic images comprise Oran's Div III project. Oran endeavors to learn how scientific experimentation can be applied as a tool for artistic representation. His experiments in camera-less images reveal the shaping and aesthetic properties that emerge as he manipulates photographic processes to painterly effect.

Diana Pun
Rethinking Young Adult Library Spaces Through the Survey of Contemporary Social Architecture
This Div III project encompasses a real world design-build project developed for a considered renovation in Northampton's historic Forbes Library. Pun aims to explore community need in creating not only usable but engaging library spaces for young adults.

Erin Schneider
Erin Schneider
Apocalyptic Architecture: Cold War Bunkers, Reuse and the Everyday Landscape
The Cold War changed the American landscape with the introduction of bunkers and fall-out shelters to everyday space. These subterranean structures remain integrated in the landscape today, concrete evidence of the extremity of the mass anxieties of the atomic age, which never came to fruition. Schneider's Div III examines the political and social impact on the architecture and reuse of these structures, using the Five College Book Depository—once a Strategic Air Command bunker—as a local case study.

Allison Smartt
Allison Smartt
Experiments in the narrative and immersive qualities of sound design in theater are at the heart of Smartt's Div III. In her retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, Smartt's audience will follow the separate but simultaneous journeys of individual family members through one day as they care for an elderly family member in failing health. Singular sound designs broadcast over FM transmitters to personal headsets will enhance the theater experience for audiences with sound that communicates narrative, emotion, mood and conflict in innovative ways.

Timothy Taylor
Guitar Building and Acoustics
The luthier, the builder of stringed instruments, balances sculpture with engineering and design with science. Div III student Taylor will hand-build two acoustic guitars that combine artistic principles with a rigorous scientific approach to monitoring and adjusting the measured acoustic resonances of his designs.



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