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2011 Div III Projects

Emily Horne 07F   A Tree of Cultural and Economic Importance
Where there are trees, there are stories: numerous nuggets of folklore and Americana revolve around trees.
Mariam Schmidt   Research Presented at American Society of Microbiology
Mariam Schmidt's Div III studies focused on magnetic bacteria.
aimee aubin   Aimee Aubin's Division III is a "Gift"
Aimee Aubin's Div III, a collection of fiction entitled Like a Nice Warm Bath, explores womanhood through plays and short stories.
Alima Catellaci   The Hawaiian Charter School Movement
Growing up on the big island of Hawaii, Alima Catellacci had firsthand experience in the way Hawaiian culture had been swallowed up by an Americanized worldview.
Graphic Novel Merges Art and Psychology   Graphic Novel Merges Art and Psychology
A graphic novel called The Listening Cone, Jeane Cohen's Division III project is a dark, cerebral exploration of five mental health patients' internal journeys after dark.
Marco Carmosino math project hampshire college   "The Ultimate Limits of Computation"
Marco Carmosino says a lot of people are surprised to hear that he transferred to Hampshire to do what is, basically, math.
Michael Beggs   Studying Interdisciplinarity in Arts Education... Interdisciplinarily
Michael Beggs's Div III is made up of three related projects, addressing both the theory and the practice of teaching art.
Matt Boms   Attainable Development
When Matthew Boms sees problems, he also sees solutions.
Tania Houtzager 07F   Studio Solitude, Classroom Collaboration
Tania Houtzager likes a challenge. For her Division III final project at Hampshire, she had two of them.
Chris Cole   'A Fully Engaged Art Student'
For Christoper Cole, creating art has become like a second language.
Deanna Snow   Arts in Medicine and Public Health
Deanna Snow's Div III is "Arts in medicine and public health: The effects of creative participatory art activities on flow state in an outpatient oncology population."
indigenous language   Studying and Preserving an Indigenous Language
Mallory Schleif hears a language like that spoken by the Passamaquoddy Indian tribe and understands its essential importance.
Michael Meo   Div III Showcase Among Meo's 'Living Spaces'
When Michael Meo came to Hampshire, he had no idea he would study architecture.
Miriam Shafer   Photography as an Empowerment Project
Miriam Shafer didn't just teach her students photography: she turned them into photographers.
Daniel Chapsky   Finding "Immutable Personality" on Facebook
Daniel Chapsky studied 615 individuals' behavioral tendencies, collected through custom software that he designed.
Susana Sanchez   A Study of Access to Healthcare for Immigrant Women
Susana Sanchez's Division III is an ethnography on Costan Rican immigrant women in New Jersey.
Sophie Lembeck   Community and Education: "It All Ties Together"
Sophie Lembeck highlights the successes of an under-acknowledged population.
Kendra Bechtel   Exploring the 'Huntington's Family'
For Kendra Bechtel, the television show House provided a topic for her Division III studies.
Justine Haus   From Chaos Theory to Outlaw Emotion
A Div III short story collection by Justine Haus.
Jessica Marie Chapman   Cooperatives and Poverty Reduction in Rwanda
In a country still recovering from civil war and genocide, Jessica Marie Chapman found a promise of hope.
Allison Smartt   Experiencing the Journey Through the Woods
Stages is Allison Smartt's theatrical adaptation of "Little Red Riding Hood."
Nicole Gladstone   Dipping into Dance, Following the Flow of Hydropolitics
"Water is a strong theme of my Division III," said Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone.
Lee Morgan   Div III Participates in Harvard Linguistics Colloquium
Lee Morgan, a Division III student, participated in the Ninth Annual Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium.



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