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Record Year for Hampshire Fund

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Total gifts to 2010/2011 Hampshire Fund: $1.62 million

"Hampshire College had a huge impact on my life. The skills, drive, and connections I developed at this amazing institution have driven success in my life so far, and I'm sure will enable me to live a happy, healthy, and successful life for years to come."

Those words came from 2010 graduate Dillon Compton in summarizing why he contributes to the Hampshire Fund. Compton is not alone in those feelings about the College: During fiscal year 2011, which just closed on July 31, gifts were made to the Hampshire Fund by 2,140 (or 26.2 percent) of our alumni. And 746 parents of current and former students did likewise.

Participation in the Hampshire Fund has been growing steadily. Altogether, 3,115 alums, parents, and friends of the College made a gift to the 2010/11 Hampshire Fund. They contributed a record $1.62 million to help keep Hampshire at the forefront of innovative, self-directed education that equips students to effect real change in their world.

Gifts to the Hampshire Fund support a variety of needs, including financial assistance for current Hampshire students.

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