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Welcome, Entering Class of Fall 2011!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hampshire College is delighted to welcome the entering class of fall 2011.

By choosing to attend Hampshire, you have already proven that you are exactly as the admissions office has described you to the campus community—"seekers of knowledge" and "agents of change."

Hampshire is here to welcome, embrace, and nurture your passions and interests.

While the majority of Hampshire's newest 427 students are first years, that number includes 48 transfer students as well as visiting exchange students and special students.

This year's class has the largest number of international students of any incoming class in Hampshire's history: 32.

New students have come to the College from 37 states and 22 countries: China, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, France, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Singapore, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Uganda.

This is a musical group. From voice to vibraphone, drums to dulcimers, guitars to gamelans, flutes to fiddles, banjos to bassoons, and marimbas to mandolins, 41 percent are musicians.

Within the entering class are individuals who have attended the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China, made films that premiered at the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and played clarinet during President Obama's inaugural parade.

Forty-two percent speak a second language, with 33 different languages represented. Five are trilingual.

The class includes published poets, accomplished performers, and entrepreneurs. Many have held significant leadership positions. Individuals have completed internships with nanotech companies, with Rob Reiner, at CNN, and at Madison Square Garden.

Sixty percent have participated in athletics. One worked on pesticide issues with farmers in Nicaragua. Another sat for six weeks in silent meditation.

Active in Amnesty International, AIDS awareness, and Haiti Relief, this is a group committed to changing the world and who are already working for peace, justice, and sustainability.


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