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2012 Div III Projects

All Hampshire students complete advanced academic work on an independent project during their final year in college. The student chooses the topic and form of the Division III, and works closely with a faculty committee.

Below are just a few of the outstanding Division III (capstone) projects completed by students in the 2012 graduating class.

Jamie Blair Division III: Jamie Blair, "Convivencia"
Jamie Blair 08F's Division III (senior) project speaks to a privilege most Americans take for granted: citizenship.
Kelsey Rumley Division III: Kelsey Rumley, Nutrition and Pediatric AIDS Research
The work of Kelsey Rumley 08F is an excellent example of Hampshire's interdisciplinary approach, combining public health, epidemiology, and Chinese language studies.
Will Delphia Division III: Will Delphia, Tejid@s Junt@s/Stitched Together
In his Division III documentary film, Will Delphia tells a story of hope in economically trying times.
Anastasia Keck Division III: Anastasia Keck, Exploring Art and Social Justice
A Division III gallery show by Anastasia Keck 08F featured beautiful pieces created by varied and combined methods.
Scott Barish Division III: Scott Barish, Plant Engineering for Biofuel Production
One 2012 Division III project at Hampshire College is relevant to anyone who has ever grimaced while filling up the gas tank.
Division III: Alynda Wood, Division III: Alynda Wood, "The Molecular Biology of Memory"
When Alynda Wood 09F transferred to Hampshire, the contrast with her previous college was immediately apparent.
Division III: Zach Clemente, Division III: Zach Clemente, "Spacious Thoughts"
Artist Zachary Clemente 08F created a modular installation on campus for his Division III project.
Nicole Markowitz Division III: Nicole Markowitz, "Assembly Required"
For Nicole Markowitz 08F, her Division III (senior) project had her living in a world of her own creation.
Division III: Allison Lerman-Gluck, Division III: Allison Lerman-Gluck, "Theatre of Communal Intentionality"
As part of a Division III, Allison Lerman-Gluck 09F collaborated on a theatrical production with students from Amherst Regional High School.
Division III: Katie Frank, Division III: Katie Frank, "The Joy Experiments"
To Katie Frank 08F, humans and moths aren't as different as others might think: both go through transformations.


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