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Ray LaBarre Named Interim Campus Police Chief

Friday, June 22, 2012
Raymond LaBarre

Deputy chief Ray LaBarre will serve as interim chief of Campus Police for Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke, and Smith when current Chief Robert Smith leaves the job on July 6.

LaBarre now oversees Hampshire College police operations for the three-college department.

Smith joined the department in October 2010, following a 26-year career with the Massachusetts State Police. At the time, he and his wife relocated from Arlington to South Hadley with their youngest son, while two college-age children remained in the Boston area.

"I look on my tenure as chief for the three colleges as a highlight of my 30-year policing career, but right now it's best for my family to return to the Boston area," said Smith, who has accepted the position of director of public safety at Emerson College.

LaBarre has been a member of the Campus Police department since 1985. He has led the Campus Police operations at Hampshire for the past four years, and he served the Mount Holyoke campus for more than 20 years.

A native of South Hadley, LaBarre is a graduate of Holyoke Community College and the Campus Police Academy. He is certified in crime scene search, sexual assault investigations, and as a DARE Officer, and he has been trained in managing critical incidents for higher education institutions.

LaBarre is working with the outgoing chief to effect a smooth transition.

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