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2013 Division III Projects

All Hampshire students complete advanced academic work on an independent project during their final year in college. The student chooses the topic and form of the Division III, and works closely with a faculty committee.

Below are just a few of the outstanding Division III (capstone) projects completed by students in the 2013 graduating class.

Zeke Nierenberg Computer Programmer and Business Founder
Zeke Nierenberg 09F is graduating from Hampshire College with more than just a degree: His Division III project paved the way for establishing his own business.
Emily Drummer "Guarding the Doors of Our Dream Palaces"
Emily Drummer 09F's Division III deconstructs an era when movie theaters were grandiose buildings staffed by "usherettes," female ushers whose presence extended beyond simply showing patrons to their seats.
Priyanka Basnet Researching Trace Metals in Rice
How can you tell if the food you're eating is as healthy as it appears?
Peruanismo Between Life and Death Peruanismo Between Life and Death
A deep interest in the writings and legacy of 20th century Peruvian philosopher and social activist José Carlos Mariátegui led to Roberto Rodriguez 09F's Division III project.
Maggie Hart Fiction and the Uncanny
The uncanny, or Unheimlich, is an important concept in German-language literature and thought around the turn of the twentieth century.
A Div III that Includes Up-close Exploration of Shark Conservation A Div III that Includes Up-close Exploration of Shark Conservation
"It is this surreal experience, asking yourself, 'What are you doing down there, what are you doing with a ten foot animal circling and swimming by you?'"
Marushka Water Rights and Policy
Marushka Grogan 09F's Div III involves the development of a handbook intended for use by communities across the country facing conflicts over water rights.
Michael Samuels "I am my Div III and my Div III is me."
There is, arguably, nothing that sets Hampshire College apart from every other college and university more than Division III, the primary occupation of every student's last year.
Nicole Dhruv A Multidisciplinary Examination of Depression
Nicole Dhruv 09F is a perfect example of how two disciplines are better than one.
Quinn Berkman 09F Using Microscopy to Extract Beauty
"I got to be the biologist, the archivist, the archaeologist, the photographer, and the artist for this project," says Quinn Berkman 09F.
Including Humans in the Ecological Equation Including Humans in the Ecological Equation
"At Hampshire, instead of 'Bio 101' where you only learn what you're supposed to know, you can learn to apply [what you are studying] to your own interests," says Emily Waters 09F.
Justin Baldwin  Bats Around the World
Justin Baldwin 08F arrived at Hampshire with an interest in ornithology, the study of birds. A semester abroad in Costa Rica, however, cemented an interest in another sort of winged creature: the bat.
Hannah Seaman Soliloquy's Garden
"The art of letting go has never been a talent of mine," begins Hannah Seaman 09F's artist statement for her Division III.
Erick Msumanje 09F has been awarded the Princess Grace Foundation-USA's 2012 John H. Johnson Film Award, a highly-competitive scholarship awarded to an undergraduate student working in film. My Mother's Songs
Erick Msumanje 09F's Div III My Mother's Songs, is set in a particular part of the African landscape that examines inter-generational trauma.
Katy Hofmeister A Study of Stream Temperatures
Recent changes in the earth's climate are having profound effects on the planet's natural systems.
Andrew Lavender 11F Whose Story Does History Tell?
"I got immersed in the time period," says Division III student Lavender. "That helped me figure out what I was going to write about."
Allegra Fisher 09F Building the Nonprofit Restaurant
Allegra Fisher 09F literally went around the world on a field-study to learn about ethnic and fusion foods.
Gabby Fluke-Mogul Violinist and "Comprovisor" Gabby Fluke-Mogul 09F
"Gabby's project demonstrates how important interdisciplinarity—a real integration of multiple approaches—can be across a student's trajectory of work at Hampshire," says childhood studies professor Rachel Conrad.


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