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Student Marches from New York to D.C. in Support of DREAM Act

Undocumented student Eduardo Samaniego marched 250 miles in February alongside ten others from the Pioneer Valley Workers Center

From the Hampshire Gazette:

"Samaniego said that millions of children will be watching the group’s progress, and that the marchers would be staying in family homes, churches, synagogues and the offices of immigrant rights organizations as they make their journey. However, he also said that the group would face a backlash, noting negative reactions that have been received on Facebook and Twitter, with some vowing to intercept the marchers. Samaniego said that the group was walking for a DREAM Act that gives a path to citizenship 'without throwing other communities under the bus.'"

Read about Eduardo Samaniego's march

From the Valley Advocate:

"Samaniego said a year and a half after arriving in the United States, he graduated with honors and was student body president of the largest high school in Georgia. He planned to attend college at the University of Georgia, but his dreams were broken when he found that a social security number was a requirement for federal financial aid... Samaniego said undocumented immigrants in the United States have been waiting for 17 years for the DREAM Act to pass since it was first introduced in 2001. Under the current political climate at least 1,000 undocumented immigrants and Dreamers are deported every day in the country, which the DREAM Act has the potential to end."

Read about Eduardo Samaniego's life and his connection to DACA and The DREAM Act

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