News from Hampshire College
  August 10, 2006

This electronic newsletter is designed to inform friends of Hampshire College about news stories involving Hampshire, and about the work and accomplishments of members of the college community. Media releases and announcements are regularly posted at (click on "News").

As we gear up on campus for the start of a new academic year and anticipate the arrival of a new class of incoming students, we recognize that this is the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Each will contribute to making the college anew, as the on-campus community reshapes according to their academic passions and social concerns. And each will remain an important part of this community long after they complete their studies and take the skills and concerns they developed here into the world. In that spirit, we share here updates on the work of some of Hampshire College’s alums, members of our community who have recently been recognized, written about, or returned to campus with news of their current lives.

Michael Casarella
Barking Irons, the company of Michael Casarella (01F) (right) and his brother Daniel, was among businesses featured in the July 30 New York Times Magazine’s cover story, “Brand Underground.” Michael’s Division III was on 19th century New York literature, and many of the phrases used on the T-shirts that Barking Irons designs come from that project.

While conducting research in Africa as a Hampshire student, Alexander Petroff (01F) was deeply moved by the situation in Congo. To help address the need to rebuild lives, homes, and jobs after an eight-year conflict that caused the deaths of nearly four million Congolese, Petroff founded Working Villages International in 2005. The 2006 graduate is scheduled to speak and present a slide show, “Addressing the Challenge in Congo: Notes from the Field,” in Rockland, Maine, on August 17. More information

Aaron Wieler (01F) plans to head to the African country of Namibia at summer’s end, where he will work through the Bicycling and Empowerment Network to set up workshops on bicycle-related technology, such as bicycle ambulances. Read more

Sarah Goldfarb (01F) has been awarded full funding for five years to complete her doctorate in 20th century literature at Rutgers University.

Jessica Adams (99F) is playing Shelby in a Woods Hole Theater Company (Mass.) production of Steel Magnolias, and plans to enter Andover Newton Theological School in the fall. Read article

Justin Carven (98F), founder and owner of Greasecar, was among those profiled in a feature on biodiesel fuels in the automotive section of the July 23 New York Times: Greasecar “was started in 2000 by Mr. Carven, a Hampshire College mechanical design graduate who had experimented as a school project on a $300 junk car…Now, Greasecar has 14 employees and ships about 300 kits a month.”

Christina Salway
For her Division III in 2004, Christina Salway (00F) (left) renovated a vintage recreational vehicle. Anyone who saw the stunning results will not be surprised to learn that Salway has founded ElevenTwoEleven Design, a Brooklyn-based team of young designers offering innovative, cost-efficient redesigns using pre-existing materials. ElevenTwoEleven recently renovated and furnished a three-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for under $3,000. More information

Steven Ginsburg (97F) is a co-founder of HartBeat Ensemble, a political theater group in Hartford, Conn. HartBeat has staged free outdoor shows in the Hartford parks this summer, with a performance scheduled for August 26 at 5 p.m. in Elizabeth Park. More information

Justin Lowe (96S) recently mounted his debut solo exhibition at Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery in New York City, an installation that was reviewed in the July 7 New York Times.

Jon Klein (95F), developer of the breve simulation environment, was recently interviewed about his work on the artificial life Web site He talked both about beginning his work in artificial intelligence during his undergraduate years at Hampshire and about breve, which allows people without a strong foundation in programming to develop advanced artificial life simulations. Hear interview (Scroll down)

“Works on Paper,” prints by Sarah Horowitz (95F), will show in the Rubin-Frankel Gallery in the Florence and Chafetz Hillel House of Boston University through September 18, with a reception and artist’s talk on September 14 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. More information (scroll down)

Morris Paul Lippens (94F) is vocalist for the band Paul’s Big Radio, an alternative country group from the Ann Arbor, Mich., area. Read more

Artemis Joukowsky III (81F) continues his important work transforming our view of people with disabilities (NSS article). With the launching of, an online video magazine, Joukowsky provides a new voice and image. An interactive Web site incorporating full-featured video programming, (BLTV) aims to become the primary communications network serving the broad community of people living with a physical disability.

Time magazine’s August 7 cover image of a stem cell was shot by Andy Leonard (81F). View cover

Composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Amy Denio (79F) is currently on tour with Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti in Italy. Musical information

Erik Werfel (79F) is chair of El Centro Hispanoamericano, a nonprofit immigrant rights project in Plainfield, N.J. El Centro has a 22-year history of representing the community, and plans to embark on new programs for day laborers in the coming year. Alums or anyone within the Hampshire family who would like to volunteer is encouraged to contact Werfel and El Centro at 908.531.3809. More information

Peter T. Jenkins (76S) has been named director of international conservation at Defenders of Wildlife, based in Washington, D.C.

“Sympathetic Resonance,” an exhibition/installation by Bob Bralove (73F) was recently shown in the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, Calif. Read more

Michael Ward’s (72F) biography of Ellison "Tarzan" Brown, the distance runner who successfully won the Boston Marathon twice in the 1930s, has been published by McFarland Publishers. More information

VALUES & TRANSFORMATIONS: Join us on campus October 13–15 and learn more about how Hampshire alums are applying the values of the college to challenge and shape our world. A schedule of events and registration information for this special Family & Friends and Alumni Homecoming weekend will arrive in your mailbox soon.