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    May 13, 2008

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Seniors ringing the Div III Bell
Division III performances and presentations are eagerly awaited each year by the campus community. Those of you who will join us on campus this weekend for commencement and reunion should definitely plan to attend as many of the Div III presentations as possible; they will be held Thursday evening and Friday afternoon and evening.

Among the many projects by graduating students slated for presentation is Erin Eggleston’s Characterization of Microbial Communities in Biofilms Associated with Rock Varnish from Panamint, Valley, California. Eggleston video

Josh Arnoudse received a Princess Grace Honorarium to complete his film No Fortunate One, which will screen Friday afternoon. The film, which Arnoudse describes as “a narrative clown piece,” takes a critical look at the relationship between privilege and political activism.

Michael Burakoff’s performance of Echoes from Orion, an audio/visual narrative, is among Friday night’s offerings. Burakoff video

More information on the commencement schedule, including Div III performances and presentations, is available on the Commencement Web site


Dawn Ellinwood

DEAN OF STUDENT SERVICES: Dawn M. Ellinwood will join the college in August as dean of student services. Dr. Ellinwood comes to Hampshire from Elms College, where she has served as vice president of student affairs and dean of students since 1996. Dean Ellinwood

CBD SUPPORT: The Foundation for Psychocultural Research has given $1 million to support the Culture, Brain, and Development program at Hampshire College. Over the next five years, the gift will support CBD curriculum expansion and the upgrading of laboratory facilities. The Foundation for Psychocultural Research was founded by a gift from Dr. Robert Lemelson (79F), a research anthropologist in the Semel Institute of Neuroscience at UCLA, whose own deep interest in the relationship among neurobiology, culture, and behavior took shape during his undergraduate study at Hampshire. CBD Gift


FACULTY FELLOWSHIPS: Two professors have been awarded Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation fellowships: Baba Hillman, assistant professor of film and video, will conduct research in France for Zones de Non-Droit, her film-in-progress about the housing project, or cité, of La Rose des Vents north of Paris. Jason Tor, assistant professor of microbiology, will conduct field research in Death Valley National Park in southeastern California, analyzing rock varnish and surrounding geologic features. Whiting grants

PRINCE BOOK: President Emeritus Gregory S. Prince, Jr., returned to Hampshire on April 24 for a reading and signing of his new book. Teach Them to Challenge Authority: Educating for Healthy Societies, published by Continuum International contains reflections on both Prince’s experiences as president of Hampshire and “engaged” universities internationally. Can colleges and universities be “neutral” about the great moral issues of their time? Prince says no—and he believes Hampshire is among the best models for how liberal arts education teaches students to be engaged on issues that matter. More

SANDER THOENES AWARDS: Students Bonnie Watt and Emily Rose Wagner are the 2008 Sander Thoenes Award recipients. These competitive annual awards are named for Sander Thoenes (87F), a noted foreign correspondent who was killed in East Timor in 1999 while reporting for the Financial Times. They provide funding for recipients’ Div III work in areas related to Thoenes’ professional interests. Watt will study democratization in Morocco, conducting fieldwork there this summer and fall. Wagner is producing a video documentary on homeless people’s use of public libraries, focusing on Los Angeles. The Thoenes awards are funded by an endowment created by contributions given to honor his memory; e-mail to learn more.

DEBATING FOR DEMOCRACY: Raul Matta was one of six students from Project Pericles schools chosen to present legislative proposals at Debating for Democracy (D4D), held in New York City in April. His proposal, “The Military Selective Service Act: An Unfair Bargain for Upward Mobility,” was presented before a panel of prominent elected officials. Project Pericles is a not-for-profit organization that encourages and facilitates commitments by colleges to include education for social responsibility as an essential part of their educational programs.

FILM FESTIVAL: Countdown, a short animated film made by Josiah Aiken-Drake as part of his Division II work, was selected for the Images Festival in Toronto, Ontario, in April.

CHILDREN'S CENTER CELEBRATION: The Hampshire College Children’s Center will hold a 25th anniversary celebration on June 21 from 3 to 7 p.m. including a special farewell to retiring longtime director Lynne Brille. For more information or to make a donation to the center's 25th anniversary fund (which will support refurbishment of the playground), e-mail or call 413.559.5706.


Mechanical Squirrel
RESEARCH SQUIRREL: Dubbed “robo-squirrel” by reporters, Rocky the mechanical squirrel is assisting Sarah Partan, assistant professor of evolution and cognition, and her students in researching how animals communicate and work in groups. An Associated Press story on Partan’s research has gone around the globe. Story

STUDENT INVENTION SHOWCASE: The Lemelson Program recently hosted its annual showcase of student inventions and innovations. Story

SLAM COLLECTIVE: Did you know that the Hampshire Slam Collective will be the first collegiate slam poetry team to compete at the National Poetry Slam? They were recently featured in the Boston Globe. Story

COMMENTARY: Michael Klare, professor of peace and world security studies, published an opinion article, “The U.S. and China are over a barrel,” in the April 28 Los Angeles Times. Read article Also, check out Klare's blog and post a comment at Anderson Cooper 360. Blog


Jeffrey and Sheila Hollender
Jeffrey (73F) and Sheila Hollender (74F), are committed to environmentally responsible businesses. You can read about their work in an online profile by student writer Taliesin Nyala, “Reshaping the Face of Business.” Hollender profile

Ted Chelmow (82F) is a Ph.D. candidate at Brandeis University, working in the field of inequality and social change. He was a presenter at last fall’s American Public Health Association Conference and has a chapter in a forthcoming book from Oxford Press.

Joanna Schwartz Ballantine (87F), executive director of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, is the 2008 recipient of the J.J. Greenberg Memorial Award, which honors foundation professionals age 40 and under who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in Jewish philanthropy.

Ariele Foster (97F) teaches yoga to underserved populations in Washington, DC, and will begin a doctor of physical therapy program at the Medical College of Virginia in June.

Gary Marcus (86F),in his just-released book Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind, unveils a new way of looking at the human mind as a cobbled-together contraption: "Think duct tape, not supercomputer." More on Kluge


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