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    December 18, 2008

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President Ralph Hexter
PRESIDENT'S BLOG: What relationship exists between the world’s current financial woes and the short-term, shortsighted thinking that pursuit of grades encourages students in traditional institutions to internalize? How does Hampshire’s system of education foster integrative learning that creates self-reliance and an ability to ask the necessary questions? President Ralph Hexter tackles provocative and timely topics in the first post to his new blog—just launched today. The first entry is running simultaneously as commentary in the online journal Inside Higher Ed.
multimedia Blog

Video of Masstransiscope
MOVING PICTURES: Film and photography professor Bill Brand installed a mural in New York City's subway tunnel in 1980. Animated by the movement of trains as they passed, it became a classic public-art work, but eventually fell victim to the ravages of time and graffiti. It's back: in November, Masstransiscope was restored and it is again visible to commuters traveling from Brooklyn into Manhattan on the BQ train. multimedia Video

In an independent study project, Division II student Cass Greener created a blog about Masstransiscope. The mural also caught the eye of alumna Rose Vincelli 98F on her way to work. She contacted the Metropolitan Transit Authority, learned that her Hampshire professor had created it, and wrote an article about Masstransiscope for Filmmaker magazine. More


Diary of a Div III
DIARY OF A DIV III: Every Division III is overseen and nurtured by a committee of faculty mentors. In the second episode of Diary of a Div III, Taryn Johnson meets with advisors Chris Perry, assistant professor of media arts and sciences, and Professor Bill Brand. multimedia Episode 2

DIV III SCREENING: May graduate Brendan Toller’s Div III documentary, I Need That Record: The Death (Or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store, screened at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Albany, New York. multimedia Trailer

SUPERMAN ORCHESTRA: Able to leap coast to coast in a single bound, first-year student Andrew Huckins and his brother hosted concerts in Northampton and in Portland, Oregon. They paired 1940s animated cartoon shorts of the Man of Steel with new musical scores. More

Baldwin Scholars Program
BALDWIN CELEBRATION: The Baldwin Scholars program is named for writer James Baldwin, who taught at Hampshire. The program provides opportunities to develop and improve the skills necessary for college success to talented students from underserved communities. Baldwin Scholars, past and present, and friends gathered recently to celebrate the program’s success. multimedia Video

FALL PHONE-A-THON: More than 40 student callers participated in the Hampshire Fund’s fall phone-a-thon. Thank you to all of our alumni and friends who responded with support for the college! More


Salman Hameed
EVOLUTION VS. CREATIONISM: An article by Salman Hameed in the latest issue of the journal Science examines debate in the Muslim world between creationism and evolution (December 12 issue, "Bracing for Islamic Creationism", pp. 1637-1638). Hameed, assistant professor of integrated science and humanities, has been interviewed internationally about his analysis, including a PRI/BBC "The World" interview that you can listen to online. Interview Hameed delivered a lecture titled "Science, Religion, and the Search for Our Origins" at The Second Floor in Karachi, Pakistan, on December 4. More

CONSUMPTION AND HAPPINESS: A course co-taught by Melissa Burch, assistant professor of cognitive development, and Omar Dahi, assistant professor of economics, was featured in the December 12 Chronicle of Higher Education (“Hampshire College Students Learn What Money Can’t Buy,” page A6). Consumption and Happiness explores consumption from a multidisciplinary perspective, including how the quest to satisfy (or create) consumption needs influences production, labor, employment, and the environment.


Michael Klare, professor of peace and world security studies, is among voices being listened to by those who will advise President-elect Obama. In recent weeks Klare contributed to two transitional documents: an essay on migratory conflict and its relationship to environmental decline that was prepared for a report of the Institute for National Security Studies of the National Defense University; and the National Intelligence Estimate for 2025, an unclassified intelligence document projecting what the world of 2025 will look like if current trends continue. Klare also spoke to the Second Committee, or committee on economy and finance, of the United Nations General Assembly, serving on a panel on “Overcoming Economic Insecurity.”

Betsy Hartmann is professor of development studies and director of the Population and Development Program at Hampshire. A frequent commentator, Hartmann was quoted December 12 in an Associated Press story on the recent United Nations climate conference. Hartmann pointed out that countries with relatively high population growth often have the smallest carbon footprints, and that reducing family size is not the key to reducing global warming.

Professors Klare and Hartmann analyze the recent U.S. election as the first session of an online series called Open for Discussion. Dean of Assessment and Enrollment Steven Weisler serves as moderator. multimedia Video


Poet, novelist, and solo performance artist lê thi diem thúy 90F is a 2008 USA Fellow in literature. More
Otto Grows Down

Michael Sussman’s 78S children’s book Otto Grows Down puts a clever twist on a classic family conflict: sharing the spotlight with a new sibling. More

Actor Dennis Boutsikaris 70F portrays Paul Wolfowitz in Oliver Stone's film W. More

Liev Schreiber 85F is in the Holocaust-themed drama Defiance, will play Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and narrates the HBO film Breaking the Huddle: The Integration of College Football, which premiered December 16. More

The Bostonian Society will present the Boston History Award to Ken Burns 71F on January 29, 2009. More

Brian Kelly’s 79F second CD, Afterplay, showcases 11 new original tunes. His first, Pools of Light, spent two months as number one on the international modern instrumental NAR radio chart. More

Dave Wechsler 90F and Doug Stone 90F are members of Piñataland, and have just released the second CD in their series Songs for the Forgotten Future. The series documents odd and forgotten historical stories. More

Deana Juskys 02F was a finalist in a New Orleans competition to discover talented young furniture designers. Her coffee table was one of nine innovative pieces chosen. More

Ellen Fitzpatrick 70F will provide historical commentary for PBS television coverage of the Obama inauguration in January. She is currently a Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute, as well as doing PBS commentary.

Thomas Kuh 75F and Alex Lamb 99F may be graduates from different generations, but as Hampshire students both learned important lessons about socially responsible investing. Both pursued careers in socially responsible investing and they are now colleagues at KLD Research & Analytics in Boston. More


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