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    May 18, 2009

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Bobcat Goldthwait
NONSTOP LAUGHTER: Comedian, filmmaker, and proud Hampshire father Bobcat Goldthwait urged his daughter and the other 2009 graduates to listen to the small voice inside, keep creating, and be kind. But nothing we could write here could ever truly capture the flavor of Goldthwait's keynote address at commencement; you must watch the video on this one. Commencement Video

40 Years of Silence
COMMENCEMENT, REUNION WEEKEND: In addition to the awarding of degrees to 300 graduates, a very full weekend also included the grand opening of the expanded and renovated Jerome Liebling Center, an alumni panel on Media for Change, and a retirement celebration. Photos and text from some speeches are available online, with additional information being added to the News and Alumni sections of the college website over the next few days. More


Luke Grecki
Just a few of the outstanding Division III projects completed by students in the 2009 graduating class:

PHYLLOTAXIS DYNAMICS: Luke Grecki created computer simulations based on mathematical models of repeating patterns found in nature. More

REPRESENTATIONS OF CHILDREN: Katelin Wilton helped found a youth support group in Zanzibar for children affected by HIV/AIDS. More

QUARTZ CANTABILE: Physics, music, and design—Todd Lerew created a new musical instrument that converts heat into sound. More

DIARY OF A DIV III: Episode four in a series of videos following Taryn Johnson’s Division III process focuses on the relationship between student and advisor. Video

SOLVING EMAIL OVERLOAD: Vibhu Norby wants to make your life easier. At least, when it comes to your inbox. More

Emma Brewster
COMMUNITY COOKBOOK: Emma Brewster compiled a community cookbook with recipes gathered primarily from members of the Puerto Rican community in Holyoke. She wrote a paper on the process of putting the cookbook together, the historical context in Holyoke, and the current food system in the United States. More

MORE PROJECTS: Explore more Division III projects by this year’s graduates, as well as an archived collection compiled over the past six years. More


APPOINTMENT ANNOUNCED: Professor of Biological Anthropology Alan Goodman has been appointed interim vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty, President Ralph Hexter announced on May 14. Professor Goodman is an internationally respected expert on the intersections of culture, ecology, and health; a former dean of Hampshire’s School of Natural Science; and past president of the American Anthropological Association. He was a key designer of the association’s public education project “RACE: Are We So Different?” The two-year appointment is effective July 1.

Hitting the Target
HITTING THE TARGET: An anonymous alumni donor generously pledged $150,000 as a challenge to the graduating class: For each contribution of at least $20.09 to the graduates' gift to Hampshire, the donor matched that gift by $1,000. Once the number of participating graduates exceeded the number who gave last year, the match went to $2,500 each. Professors Sura Levine and Charlene D'Avanzo and alumni director Killara Burn made additional challenge gifts. President Ralph Hexter threw himself fully into this effort in a very distinctive way, as you can see in the accompanying video. The graduates rose to the challenge and surpassed their participation goal, resulting in a total gift to the Hampshire Fund of $153,500. tv icon Video

FUNDS HONOR FACULTY: Two special funds honoring retiring professors are being established. The Wayne Kramer Guest Artist Fund is a way for former and current students, colleagues, and friends to honor Wayne Kramer's contributions as a teacher, scholar, and artist. Contributions will support visiting artists in the theatre arts. The Lowry-Bruno-McNeal Fund honors Nancy Lowry, Merle S. Bruno, and Ann Woodhull McNeal for their work to attract and support students and faculty from underrepresented groups to the pursuit of science at Hampshire. Contributions will support faculty and student projects, curricular innovations, partnerships, and events. More

COLLEGE COMMITMENT: In response to the current international economic environment, Hampshire has made a dual commitment for the upcoming year: an additional $1.5 million in financial aid for students, and the entire campus community was invited to join in planning budget reduction strategies. College fundraisers are concentrating on increased gifts to support financial aid. And, many employees on campus chose to participate in voluntary furlough and financial aid contribution programs. Seventy employees signed up to take furlough days without pay (more than $87,000) and 22 employees are contributing their salary on days they have selected, with those funds going toward financial aid ($13,000). The college's operating budget will save more than $100,000 as a result of this voluntary community effort.

Harrison Fuerst
SANDER THOENES AWARDS: Research awards honoring the memory of Sander Thoenes 87F will support three Division III projects over the next year: Elizabeth-Elendor (Elle) Dimond will investigate the geopolitical effects of oil dependency in Eurasia. Harrison Fuerst (left) will examine discourses and understandings of ethnicity in China. Jericha Senyak will explore Middle Eastern dance as a microcosm of interlinked global issues. More

STAFF RECOGNITION: Anne Downes, senior associate dean of advising, and Mary Malo, HACU administrative secretary, are the 2009 Carol and Blair Brown Staff Recognition Award recipients. These annual awards, established by former chairman of the college board of trustees Blair Brown and his wife Carol, recognize staff members who have made exceptional contributions to Hampshire.

HAMPSHIRE ON FACEBOOK: Love Hampshire? Love Facebook? Then, you should really love Hampshire on Facebook—become a fan and stay up to date with the Hampshire community, perhaps discovering an old friend or two in the process. facebook

DESIGN, ART, TECHNOLOGY: Hampshire's newest cross-school program is called DART, or Design, Art, and Technology: Innovation Synergy. More


Kathryn Joyce's Quiverfull
Paul Sternberg 74F has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Academy membership recognizes those who have made distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Sternberg, an expert in cancer genes, is Thomas Hunt Morgan Professor of Biology at the California Institute of Technology and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Kathryn Joyce's 97F first book, Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement, has been released by Beacon Press. More

Steve Eckel 91F is in his second term as a Monroe County (New York) Legislator. In addition to working on green issues, economic development, and budgetary reform, the photography and agro-ecology concentrator at Hampshire has published pinhole photographs in The Pinhole Journal and Adventures with Pinhole and Homemade Cameras. More

Evan B. Brandes 94F completed this year's Boston Marathon in 3:06:56, qualifying to run the 26.2 miles again next year.

Clark Suprynowicz 76F is composer-in-residence with the Berkeley Symphony this year, which has performed three of his works. He also teaches composition with the San Francisco Conservatory's Summer Music West, and was composer-in-residence with the Berkeley Opera during the 2006 season. Several pieces of singing theater are in the works, including a collaborative project about the Black Panther Party. Audio (music and lyrics by Suprynowicz)

Doug Stanton's 79F new book, Horse Soldiers, was featured on the cover of Sunday's New York Times Book Review. Stanton was interviewed recently by the Traverse City (Michigan) Record-Eagle about his work. More

All the Days and Nights, a book of photographs by Doug DuBois 79F, has been released by Aperture. It offers a potent examination of family relations and what it means to subject personal relationships to the unblinking eye of the camera. More

Ben James 97F, Oona Coy 96F, and their Town Farm (located within the Northampton city limits) were profiled in the May 13 Boston Globe. More


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