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Committees of the Board of Trustees

The board of trustees is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of Hampshire College. It organizes its work using a committee structure that corresponds to various areas of operations, within the board and for the College as a whole. Much of the board’s work takes place at the committee level.

Most board committees include students, faculty, and staff as voting members. Additionally, staff members with relevant expertise are often asked to join a given committee in a non-voting capacity to provide advice and counsel. The chair of the board and the President of the College are ex officio members of all committees except for the Audit and Compliance Committee. Each committee is staffed by a member of the administration.

Academic Affairs Committee

Charge: To carry out, on behalf of the board of trustees, those responsibilities set forth in Article II of the board’s bylaws: to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the College’s educational offerings by monitoring the effectiveness of teaching, learning, and academic standards and requirements.

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Chair:  Carol Salzman, trustee
Secretary:  Eva Rueschmann, Vice President For Academic Affairs And Dean Of Faculty

Advancement Committee

Charge: To promote a culture of philanthropy throughout the Hampshire College community, including within the board itself. The committee ensures that the goals and strategies for fundraising efforts meet the College’s immediate and long-range priorities. It provides leadership in and engages with the President and College advancement in the College’s fundraising efforts. Committee members are expected to be fundraisers on behalf of the institution.

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Chair: Lucy McFadden, trustee
Secretary: Clay Ballantine, chief advancement officer

Audit and Compliance Committee

Charge: Contained within the Board’s Bylaws.

Chair: Carolyn Greenspan, trustee
Secretary: Mary McEneany, vice president for finance and administration and treasurer

Buildings, Grounds, and Environmental Sustainability Committee

Charge: To oversee and seek board approval of capital planning, siting of capital projects, building and landscape design, and capital construction. It shall also evaluate deferred maintenance, land use, cost analysis and financing of capital projects, emergency preparedness, and applications of sustainable practices.

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Chair: Bill Null, trustee
Secretary: Carl Weber, director of facilities and grounds

Enrollment Committee

Charge: To oversee, monitor, and obtain board approval of policies, plans, and initiatives that enable fulfillment of goals and objectives for admissions, retention, and financial aid and that support the mission, strategy, and purposes of the College.

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Chair: Kim Saal, trustee
Secretary: Meredith Twombly, dean of enrollment and retention

Executive Committee

Charge: Contained within the Board's Bylaws.

Chair: Gaye Hill, trustee
Secretary: Beth Ward, secretary of the College

Finance Committee

Charge: To monitor the College’s financial assets and operations and advise the board of trustees of the condition and adequacy of these assets and operations in support of the College’s mission and long-term economic health.

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Chair: Dave Matheson, trustee
Secretary: Mary McEneany, vice president for finance and administration and treasurer

Investment Committee

Charge: To support the fiscal stability and long-term economic health of the College by developing and implementing for approval by the board policies and strategies regarding the management of all investment assets of the College, consistent with the long-term objectives of the institution and in compliance with the principles as articulated in the Policy on Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing.

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Chair: Dick Hurd, trustee
Secretary: Mary McEneany, vice president for finance and administration and treasurer

Committee at Hampshire On Investment Responsibility (CHOIR)

(Campus Advisory Committee to the Investment Committee)

Charge: To make recommendations to the Investment Committee regarding the maintenance and the modification of investment responsibility guidelines; to review the way in which the Investment Committee interprets the guidelines and whether the College’s investment managers are in compliance with the investment guidelines; to keep the Hampshire community informed of its activities; to provide all relevant information in its possession to the Investment Committee, especially as concepts and findings that bear on business practices related to environmental, social, and governance issues evolve; and to provide the full board of trustees with a copy of its recommendations to the Investment Committee.

Chair: Dick Hurd, trustee
Secretary: Mary McEneany, vice president for finance and administration and treasurer

Student Life Committee

Charge: To oversee, approve, and monitor policies and plans that promote a safe and healthy environment conducive to an integrated and holistic student educational experience, characterized by academic success, personal health and growth, and the enjoyment of a high quality of campus life; and ensure that the mission of the College guides all student life programs.

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Chair: Luis Hernandez, trustee
Secretary: Gloria Lopez, vice president for student affairs and dean of students

Trusteeship and Governance Committee

Charge: Contained within the Board's Bylaws.

Chair: Fraser Beede, trustee
Secretary: Beth Ward, secretary of the College

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