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Faculty Course Adoption Information

It is never too early to place your order for textbooks. We begin collecting orders in April for the upcoming fall semester and in October for the upcoming spring semester.

The most important reason to adopt your books early is that you will save your current and future students money. If you adopt your books before Buyback at the end of every semester, your current students will receive 50% of the new retail price back for the adopted books.

Adopting early also allows the chance for more used copies to be available to your new students next semester.

Finally, early orders help ensure that all titles will arrive on time for your classes. The earlier your order is received, the sooner we can inform you if a title is unavailable, giving you more time to reconfigure your booklist, if necessary.

Submit or Download an Adoption Form

You may submit your course adoptions electronically with the online adoption form.

Alternatively, you may print the form, fill it out manually, and mail it to the bookstore using code BS.

Please feel free to contact Heidi Mercer with any questions at x6000.

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