Samuel Kanner

Samuel trains and offers his knowledge of Japanese martial arts as taught to him by OPRA’s former martial arts coordinator, Dr. Marion Taylor. Samuel practices Shotokan Karate, Muso Shinden Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship), Heiki Ryu Kyudo (Japanese archery) and Aikido. He enjoys working with students by helping them come to a deeper understanding of the physical and philosophical values of these arts as they appear in our daily lives.
He is also an instructor of Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) at Hampshire with his co-instructors, offering self-defense courses for women.
When not teaching at Hampshire, Samuel travels to participate or instruct at various annual programs and events around the world, including Japanese festivals in Vermont, teaching Kyudo seminars at MIT, and other martial arts trainings in Montreal, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, California and as far the Caribbean and South America.
His other interests include mountain biking, ultimate Frisbee, western archery, basketball, painting and illustration, fiction writing and graphic novels.
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