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Launching the Next 50 Years

Fifty years ago a group of visionaries commenced the ongoing experiment of Hampshire College. Their goal was to fundamentally reinvent higher education. It is our turn to launch the next fifty years of Hampshire, extending the best ideas and practices of the past while imagining a future that inspires current students and those yet to come. Over the past few years, members of the Hampshire community have conceived innovative visions for the College, and this summer we have solicited further ideas from community members. It is now time to craft a roadmap into the next fifty years that we can share with our accreditors, supporters, and the wider world.
This promises to be a year of renewal and invention. The College is developing a compelling, realistic plan for our future, one that exemplifies our identity as an experimenting college and presents a model for others in higher education. Ongoing meetings continue into October as we work together to explore new academic and operational models and create a viable vision and plan. This is critical to our admissions recruiting and fundraising, and a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape Hampshire’s future.

Communications to the Community

Launch: Developing a Roadmap

President Wingenbach invited our community to help launch Hampshire’s next 50 years, starting with a celebratory event for students, faculty, and staff on Tuesday September 3, watch his remarks below. More than 240 students, staff, and faculty worked in small groups to identify priorities and share ideas about the future of Hampshire. See the results of their work here. Hampshire alums were invited to a similar virtual Launch event on Thursday, September 12.

Read the transcript of the video.

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