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Context and Schedule for Layoffs: February 13, 2019

March 26, 2019: A Letter from the Options Working Group

Information and Updates for Staff and Faculty

Accepting a significantly smaller incoming class this fall means that Hampshire will become a smaller institution. We care deeply for our employees and are committed to a process where all employees are supported through any transition, and where decisions are predicated on respect, dignity, and appreciation for people's well-being. We can't anticipate the exact impacts on employment and we understand how unsettling this can be. It's our intention to keep staff and faculty engaged and updated as the process unfolds.

Potential employment decisions affecting faculty will depend on academic needs and will be led by the Dean of Faculty office in consultation with the academic deans and senior leadership.

Context and Schedule for Layoffs

Supervisors and Human Resources will have private conversations with staff members whose positions are being eliminated, and will give staff members 60 days notice at that time. And since we know that we’ll need another workforce reduction this semester, we expect to make those notifications on or near April 30.

There is no way to do layoffs that doesn't cause pain or hardship. And being in a small and close community makes this situation all the more difficult. Our ultimate goal is and has been to secure Hampshire's future. Not doing layoffs will hasten Hampshire's closing. In becoming a smaller school, we'll be better able to stabilize our finances, which will give us time to pursue the best options for bringing about the next iteration of the College.

The Staff Workforce Reduction FAQ addresses essential concerns and lists resources. Criteria for layoffs, timelines, benefits, severance information, contact information, and more are included.

Read Reduction FAQ

Human Resources (HR) and Employee Support Resources

As we navigate these difficult times, Human Resources wants to make employees aware of resources available for support. These resources relate to a variety of topics including unemployment and Mass Hire Career Centers, counseling services through our employee assistance program, workshops, life insurance conversion information, as well as some information that may provide assistance in coping with personal job loss and helping co-workers through job loss.

We encourage employees to use the employee assistance program, the confidential, free service available to all employees around-the-clock, that provides access to counseling, health, and wellness resources as well as financial consultation and referrals. Call 800.828.6025.

The Human Resources office is available anytime to answer questions or clarify issues; they're on the first floor of Blair Hall and at 413.559.5605 and hr@hampshire.edu.

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Faculty and Staff Engagement

Staff and faculty members are engaged in various ways:

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