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Special Celebratory Events

Community receptions in the Robert Crown Center, Harold Johnson Library, and under the Solar Canopy will feature student art and performances.

Harold Johnson Library  
5:45 p.m. Jake Klar, Jesse French, and Porter Fitch
American Folk Music
6:20 p.m. Emerald Stream String Band
Sasha Hsuczyk, Maggie Shar, Tim Dolan, and Molly Merrett
Fiddle, banjo, and guitar
Traditional Appalachian tunes
7 p.m. Trishagni Sakya and Parimal Satyal
Two musicians from Nepal performing melodic-acoustic renditions of rock and pop songs in a variety of languages
7:15 p.m. Sara Osgood
Mandolin and guitar
Robert Crown Center  
5:30-7:30 p.m. A Snapshot In Hamp-Time
Recording booth in the hallway under main stairs to capture your experiences at Hampshire or personal reflections of inauguration in 3 minutes or less
5:45 p.m. Zoe Darrow, Robert McOwen, Janine Randall, and Judy MacKenzie
Fiddle, guitar, keyboard, and dancer
6:20 p.m. Hampshire College Chorus
Hannah Seaman, Merle Bruno, Paul Schmelz, Jonathan Byron-Woodin, Tess McKechnie, Margaret Linn, Sinead O'Mahoney, Spencer Kuchle, Monique Jacques, Sarah Morrison, Melissa Hargadon, and Erik Olsen
6:40 p.m. Ryan Mihaly, Josh Sugiyama, Trey Jones, Chelsea Dunn, and Gabby Fluke-Mogul
Contrabass, cello, violin, original music and dance
7 p.m. Gin & Tonics
Allxie Cleary, Ali Neyers, Alicia Crook, Rachel Friedman, Chelsea Rose, Heather Nielsen, Haley Gove, Antonina Palisano, Tess McKechnie, Melissa Hargadon, Geoff Ivison, Kevin Schwenkler, Erik Olsen, Justin Johnson, Jake Vogt, Chris Vesenka, Alvaro Ortiz, and Ben Pote
Solar Canopy: (Chuck and Polly Longsworth Arts Center)  
5:40 p.m.
(moving to play on the lawn thereafter)
Circus Folk Unite!
A showcase of talents, a performance of feats, a taste of the Circus, with Hampshire's very own Circus Folk Unite!
6:05 p.m. Crazy Pitches
Siena Dryden, Jennifer Cavanaugh, Michael Drucker, Liz McGourty, Alicia Ludin, Cooper Evans, Mike Healey, Siena Della Fave, Amir Fogel, Victoria Capote, Anna Meister, Idalia Buddington, Jolie Anderson, Allison Kreuser, Danielle Jefferson, and Daniel Lumsden
6:30 p.m. Kid's Choice
Angus Davidson, Cooper Evans, and Mike Healey
Keyboard, guitar, and violin
Original songs plus standards by Duke Ellington, Wayne Shorter, and Charlie Parker
7 p.m. Huckleberry Binge
Jad Quesada-Khoury, Jonah Simonak, and Will Meyer
Drums, guitar, and upright bass
Blend of folk tradition and contemporary rock and roll
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