2017 Graduate Div III Titles

A Hampshire College Student on Campus
Emmett Adams POWERFUL: Responses to Gay Tragedy In and Through Pop Culture
Danielle Aldrich A Recipe for Apple Pie: A Exploration of Devised World-Building through a Collaborative Design-Driven Process
Joseph Anderson Gas Storm: The Political Economy of the Marcellus Shale Gas Revolution
Rebekah Anderson Cave Song: Religion, Gender, and Character Relationship in Fantasy
Owen Aptekar-Cassels Selves/Entwined: Food and Queer Being
Kendall Artz Where Rainbows Gather: The Rainbow Gathering and the Crisis of White Identity
  Ashkelyria Copyleft and Capital: The self-defeating liberalism of the free culture and free software movement
Molly Baer Educating The Whole Child: Early Childhood Education With An Emphasis In The Intersectionalities Of Using Arts As Educational and Therapeutic Technique.
Kate Bakkala Coaching for Character in the Equestrian Athlete
Benjamin Barnes Genomic search for a plastic degrading enzyme of P. microspora
Lily Bartle The Aesthetics and Politics of Authorship in The Work of Marcel Broodthaers
Anne Bartlo Ashes to Ashes, Earth to Earth; Grief and the Space it Occupies
Bram Baxter Electrobiology, Microbes and Fuel Cells
Maximilian Beauchene The role on international military interventions in creating and sustaining armed militant movements
Sofie Becker Red Night Awakening: An Investigation into Burroughs and the New Postmodern
Cynthia Belanger Wildlife Conservation and Ecological Restoration
Jake Berkowitz Until The Wild Fire Becomes Paradise: Love, Loss and relationships.
Sara Berliner Leading, Learning, and Liberatory Pedagogy
Tyrone Billingsley Art at Large
Sean Billson Fuel Priest The RPG
Ivy Bissett Interactive Gender-focused Installation
Cindy Bixler Trauma and Healing in a Dystopian Novella
Eva Black Reflections from the Forest: An Exploration of Nature-Based Education with Young Children
George Blalock Upward Success: An Authoethnography on the Upward Bound Program
Adam Blaustein Rejto Exploring Life before DNA: Developing a method to monitor real-time kinetics of non-enzymatic template directed RNA primer extension using the RNA aptamer, Malachite Green
Lily Blazina Bodies, Rites, and Therapy: Therapeutic Implications of Dance and Rites of Passage During Adolescence
Audrey Block Diversity Without Inclusion: How the Progressive Math Classroom Can Reinforce Racial Inequalities
Chloe Bobar Becoming the "Addict": The Changing-Same of White Supremacist Epistemologies of Drug Use
Suhilah Booker Creative Movement and Child Development: A Guide for Educators in Early Childhood Education
Andrew Borchert-Isaacs The Price of Immortality: an Exquisite Corpse and feature length film project
Ralph Bousquet The Real Topography of the Cape
Hannah Bracey All the Devils are Here; An Exploration of Mental Illness Through Speculative Fiction
Julia Bradford Sorrysorrysorry
Carlo Brady It's Called a Song. Otherwise We'd All Always Be Singing.
EmilyRose Brown Storytelling as Resistance
Sawyer Burton Apiculture, Chinese, Education
Campbell Campbell X-Ray Data and the Behavior of Star Formation in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Raymond Caraher Econometric Replication
Kailey Carambia A Luta Continua
Charlie Carey Radical Dialogues
Rose Carr Haptos Proprio (One's Own Is Palpable)
Emiliano Carrillo-Aun Beowulf's Sword: Recreating a weapon that never was
Emily Carter Better Luck Next Time
Maxwell Carter The Zapatista Way
Chemi Chemi Exploring Tibetan Women's Interpretation/Experience of Biomedicine in New York
Max Cheney Design, Prototyping and Field Testing of Technology for Small-Scale Cattle Farms
Jennie Chenkin Smacked: the Racial Politics of America's Opioid Epidemic
Sarah Chichetti De la Nieta de una Granjera: Rethinking the Bracero Program
Timothy Childs Writing for Performance
Kassidy Clark Life as a Masterpiece: Exploration of Intentional Living Through Self Knowledge Explored Through Different Creative Mediums
Mary Katherine Cleary An Investigation of Defamiliarization
Ande Clemens Radical Cartography of Lead (Pb)
Owen Cobey Fishes, birds, us : Trans masculinity and the human-animal hybrid
Ella Condon Examining the Self
Jack Corcoran "In Search of My Heavenly Home": Composition, the Double Bass and Pentecostal Possession
Derek Cote Dismantling Electronic Waste: Examining The Elemental Composition and Environmental Implications of Discarded Mobile Phones
Andre Courant Brewing Science
Rhett Courser Fabrication as Process Art: Building the Proletariat Chariot
Makenna Coyle Finding the Facilitator
Amanda Crausman Life in Art
Jesenia Cruz Till Death Do We Part?: An Exploration of the Macabre Through Short Stories and a Television Pilot
Holly Currier Fragmentation and Plastic Rosaries: Social Dislocation Theory of Addiction in Andover, Massachusetts
Hayden Daiber Cuba, Revolution & Female Power
Tenzin Damdul Geopolitical and social factors behind the ethnic crises in Bhutan
Celeste Davidson Growing Pains: A Portrait of Black Women’s Health in South Los Angeles
Josia DeChiara Ecological Effects of Photovoltaic Arrays on Plant and Soil Communities
Kira deCoudres Methods of Ontological Remix
Victoria Delano Holistic Healthcare
Karina Delgado Audio Analysis and Design in Experimental Performance and Composition
Charisse DelVecchio States of Disconnect: The Effect of American Individualism on Social Connectedness and Mental Health
Sarah Demarest Curating an Archive of Feelings: Tracing Lesbian Narratives Through the AIDS Crisis into 21st Century Queer Collections & Spaces
Emma Dempster-Greenbaum Food, Class, and Culture at Denison House
Sabrina Dengler Knowing Nature: Deconstructing The Wilderness Ideology Through A Social-Constructive Lens
Amy Deyerle-Smith Gods in Space
Katharine Dimitruk As bright as the breeze (working title)
Anna Domings Mujeres Secas | Women Who Work It: Translating the feminine in chilena and mapuche literature
Dylan Donicz Sustainable Livestock Practices
Alex Dorr Mycoremediation - working with fungi to remediate anthropogenic xenobiotic toxins from our environment for seven generations ahead
Connor Doyle Connor's Division III Contract
MaryKate Duska Harm Reduction Education: A Study of Participants in a Syringe Access and Needle Exchange Program
Ilana (Laney) Eddington Applied 3D Technologies: Directing innovation for rock climbing
Ryan Ellerby Investigating the sorption properties of clay coated and pristine nano zero valent ion (nZVI) particles for remediation of As, Cd and Pb contaminated soils and waters
Maggie Ellis Articulating the Garden
Natalie Erickson A Good Deal of Feeling: The Emotional and Devotional History of 19th Century American Female Missionary
Justice Erikson Investigation of Antimicrobial Effects of Antioxidants on Borrelia burgdorferi Biofilms In Vitro
Michelle Falcon Esclavitud, Dependencia, Liberación
Cassie Fancher Street of Widows & Other Stories
Matthew Fensore Film Production: Directing and Storytelling
Samuel Ferguson God's Lonely Men & Gunfire in Closed Spaces: A Division III in Screenwriting
Rafael Fields Inventing the iPhone: The Mythology of Technological Creation
Raphael Fineberg Love in the Crypt: a short animated film
Caleb Finkelstein Ludic Storytelling
Maggie Fisher Green?: An image based study of processing natural matter
Sackona Fitts Beyond Bricks and Bubblegum: Exploration of a Black Family Archive
Michael Fizdale Towards a Systematic Understanding of Pollination Genomics along the border of China and Tibet.
Michael Forrest In Little of the Mountain Making Mother: Studies in Art and Computer Science
Satchel Forrester Aestheticizing and Activating Palestinian Archives
Noah Foster Disrupting Genre: Queer and Trans Life-Writing
Sonam Friedensohn Deaf Education, and Debates of Educational Systems.
Anita Fuentes Gutierrez (Mis)representations of the Roma Community in the Spanish Media
Courtney Fuller Developing Diasporic Infrastructures: A Model for Ethical & International Business
Matthew Fullmer Cognitive Psycholinguistics
Remy Furrer Social, Cognitive, and Quantitative Psychology
Shannon Gadoury The Sociological Scavenger
Shelby Gaiss Investigation of tissue level distribution of essential and toxic metals during the germination stage of corn seeds (Zea mays, L. ) using LA-ICP-MS
Tinsley Galyean Environmental Attitude and Water Usage in the Hampshire College Community
Ander Garcia O'Dell Contemporary Ephemeral Dwellings: A Study of Indigenous Nomadic Architecture
Jonathan Gardner Design of Game-Based Neuroscience Curriculum
Sofia Anastasia Giles-Hnida ¡Mira la Luna! Empowering Spirit & Community Through Theatre, Ritual, & Magic
Kayla Girdner left in stitches: a study of directing and designing devised theatre with pink sweaters
Shira Gitlin Singing is Bee-lieving: An Exploration of Musical Theatre, Direction, and Sound Design
Matthew Glover Construction Grammar in Klamath
Alana Godner-Abravanel K
Jessica Goldsmith Capitalist Idle Game
Mary Gonzalez S.O.U.R.C.E. Wall of Resilience: A Site of Reclamation, Celebration, and Collaboration
Dykee Gorrell Empire, Incarceration, and Femmehood: An Exploration of Enslaved African Descendent Transgender and Nonbinary Folk in U.S. Prisons
Lauren Grabarek Bringing Queerness Home
Logan Graham Animated Short Film by Logan Graham
Lee Graves Wild Yeast Ecology and Isolation of Prospective Brewing Samples
Kristen Haines Call Me Crazy: The Construction of New Mental Health Narratives and their Re-politicization of Human Being
Emma HallBilsback A Model for a Hydroponic Greenhouse and Cafe System
Talia Halpern Multi-Disciplinary Art
Yvonne Hamisi An Evaluation of Liturgical Dance as a Health Intervention for African American Women
Melissa Hargadon A Theatrical Approach to Creating Critically Literate Elementary Classrooms
Tatiana Hargreaves The Fiddle Camp Phenomenon
Charlotte Ursula Hawkins Vinegar Then Honey (working title)
Matt Hecking Interpreting the chemical language of plants: green leaf volatiles and their roles as community signals
Sarah Heffernan Collaborative Bookmaking in the German Gerena Community School
Aodhan Hemeon-McMahon (Re)Creating the City: Toward a Framework for a Municipal Right to Urban Space
May Hemler Be My Body, Read My Books
Nadia Herman The Cultivation of Wild Plants, Drawings and Case Studies
Daniela Hernandez The Power in the Fashion of American First Ladies
Claire Herrmann Birth Outside the Binaries: Unsexing and Degendering the Pregnant Body
Abbas Hirji An Integrated Watershed Management Approach to the Pangani River Basin in Tanzania
Ryan Hitch A Student Handbook for Becoming Fit in College
Martha Hollister Exploring Grief Through Games
Maia Holloway Why laugh at Jokes When there are White People: The Epistemology of Race and Racism in Stand- Up Comedy
Rob Hsueh Symbiotic Art: Water is Life
Alexi Hu Synthesizing Creativity Through Various Levels of Analysis & Machine Learning
Eugene Huff Blue moon
Sekai Hurdle Pattern This
ILanah Israel Little Jerusalem: City of Shalom
Forrest Jackson A Proper Place for Dogs: Defining bodies and building relationships with America's favorite pet
Namrata Jacob Legal Beings/Storied Creatures/Reproductive Bodies: Race, Gender, Power, and the Cultural Mythology of Reproductive Rights
Boguslaw Janiszewski Fiction Writing
Emma John Women at Work in the Progressive Era
Andrea Johnson We Are Our Own Leaders: Shining Light on the Connection(s) Between Personal Growth and Social Change
Chione Jones Consuming the Body:  Death as Production in Medicine, Gender and Religion in Early Modern Europe
Thomas Jost Rootkit and Malware Development for Windows NT
Matthew Kaminsky Apple Biodiversity in America
Shivani Kapadia Postmemory and Erasure in Relation to The South Asian Diaspora
James Kelleher The Fancy Furniture of Alden Spooner
Deidre Kelly Maternal-Fetal Conflict in American Culture
Sara Kelly Navigating Therapy
Ford Kelly-Riley Sympathy for the Laughtrack: Using Technical Elements to Hint at Themes Beneath the Veneer
Elise Khanijao our Gaze: a film theory and psychological study of the affects of visual entertainment on body image
Maia Kinney-Petrucha "I Feel You": Theatrical Performance as an Empathetic Playground
Jeremy Kirn Topology and Logic
Jonathan Kittell-Queller His Excellency's Chef
Grace Kittredge Queer Fiction
Riley Kleve Homemaking, Making Myself at Home, Doing Homework, Working from Home
Sarah Kling Better Than Real Life: Exploring of the Objecthood of Light and Shape
Nell Kochenburger Finding Light in the Murky Waters of Sexual Consent: a Philosophical and Ethnographical Discourse
Jeffrey Kuhn Redefining masculinity: How Different Bodies Function in Space, Fictional and Otherwise
Ryan Lambert Cats, Dogs, and Human Cues
Sarah Lanzillotta Experiments in Generative and Collaborative Film Curation and Film Making: Founding the Good Night's Sleep Screening Series.
George Laporte Preschool Practices, Pedagogies and Role of a Teacher
Shannon Larkin Preschool Garden Based Education
Miles Larson What's his deal? Stories on men, masculinity, and the dangers of gender binaries.
Jack Leahey Cash, Crime and Culture: The Role of Society in Shaping the Modern Ill-Intentioned American
Victoria Lee Sleep Safe Pod - Designing and Fabricating a Mobile Sleep Shelter
Xiang Li An Analysis on Securing Automated/Connected Vehicles - Challenges and Opportunities
Jake Lichter Generative Compositional Processes and the October Regimen
Tika Lifton-Herman To Talk On Paper: Sarah Winnemucca's Unsettling Power
Gaelyn Lindauer Creating Restorative Environments: Connecting People to Nature Through Art
Scout LoPriore Describing A Wound In Slow Motion: Triangulating Art, Political History, and Embodiment
Sydney Loving Developing A Multimedia Black History/Futures Curriculum
Dario Lucero Stranger Since the Fall - Russian Literature and the Strange, Post-Soviet to Present
Victoria Lucia "Couch Girls" A Youtube Webseries
Dylan Maccarone On Belonging
Alanna MacLeod-Bluver Critiques and Critiques of Power
Isaiah Mann Collaborative Game Development
William Martin Eco-literacy and Experiential Education: A Project in Curriculum Design
Oliver Martinez Architecture and Design investigations for a more sustainable future
Narieka Masla Embodied Dialogue Applied to Performance
Jennifer Maxwell One Step Forward
Greg McCarthy Stability and Unravellings: A Division III in Math and Poetry on the ways in which things can fall apart and the ways they can stay still
Ailbhe McDonnell The allium family and the immunomodulatory properties of their secondary metabolites: A review
Meghan McGarry Using Event-Rated Potentials to Explore Performativity; A Study on Speech Acts
Kyrie McIlveen Autobiographical Memory and Depression
Lisette Medina Marvel's Callout: Examining Race and Gender in the MCU
Serena Mendola Understanding the Planetary Ascension into Higher States of Consciousness and the Transition into the New Paradigm: A Critical Study of the True Divine Nature Community
Merlyne Mesidor Asthma in African Americans
Nora Miller The Bottle-Fingered Boy: a Poetry Manuscript
Scott Miller The Multitudinously Opportunistic Design of a Space Where Rock Climbing Occurs
Madeline Miller An Interrogation of Democratic Empire in the War on Terror
Roberta Miller Words of Wonder: A Series of Young Adult Short Stories
John Milus Lacuna
Erika Miranda Is This Real Life: a critical look at international development now and in the future
Kevin Mitchell "Questioning Theatrical Management" & "The Literature of Toni Morrison: Updated narratives"
Jesse Moon Serving You Television Pilot Realness
Henry Mosher Henry Mosher Div III Contract
Natalia Moyano A Plant-Based Food Approach: Raising Healthy New Generations
Adam Mullarkey The Art of Pragmatic Game Development
Flora Natalini A study of healing through the arts
Carly Naughton Exploring the Medicalized Body: Images and Essays on Art, Disability, and the Politics of Representation
Anarmily Nazir The Snow Lion in America: Evolv(ing) Tibetan Diaspora in Western Massachusetts
Minh Nguyen Reimagining Shanghai's Lilong as a medium-low rise high density urban housing
Lan Phuong Nguyen Hoang Study of the Electrothermal model of a Superconducting Nanowire Single-photon Detector
Cray Novick A Place Called Revolutionary
Amy Oestreicher Embodying the Past by Devising
Mai Ohana Exploring Intergenerational Trauma through The Book
Dineen O'Rourke Empowering the Next Generation of Climate Leaders: An Active Study in Leadership at the United Nations
Aidan Owens Different Drummers (Vovovo υuolawo) - A Musical Celebration of Diversity
Cody Paille-Jansa How does environmental enrichment effect the stress hormone levels of shelter dogs?
Nay Paing Understanding Rangoon: A Post-Colonial Urban History
Christy Pazhampilly Healing Using Imagination and Creative Expression
David Pearl Bystander Care Program
Jennifer Pena "Letters From Escambray" A Young Adult Short Story Narrative of a Girl Teaching in the Cuban Literacy Campaign: An Intercultural Exchange of Historical Perspective
Rikkia Pereira Researching Self through Dance
Emma Petersky Original Content
Alyssa Pimentel The Psychological Echo of Slavery: Psychology and Movement as Liberation Tools
Emily Poirier No More Lions and Lambs: Examining and Re-Writing the Vampire Romance Novel
Hannah Polauf Golem v. Goyim: An Illustrated Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
Orion Poole The Scope of Medical Diagnostics and the Future of Personalized Medicine
David Porter The Mold in Our Walls: Four Studies of Post-Revolutionary Melancholy
Jennifer Porter Urban Habitat Loss: Growing from the Bottom Up
Rae Purdom Body Horror, Trauma, and Lesbianism in Comics and Prose
Christina Raciti Writing about Adolescent Mental Illness
Julia Rauch Effects of Injury-Induced Histamine Release on Fibroblasts and the Extracellular Matrix in Peripheral Nerves
IonaPearl Reid-Eaton When IT Happens to You: Title IX and Sexual Violence on College Campuses
Ryleigh Repass Stereotypic and Abnormal Behaviors in Wildlife in Captivity and the Effects of Enrichment on Rehabilitation Success
Ella Richardson The Spectacle of the Parade: Art, Garments and Politics
Clifford Robbins "The Only Word be Gunfire": Reflections on Diaspora and Migration through Artificially Constructed Language in Contemporary Literature
Colin Rogers The Alienated Voter
Maggie Rosenberg So Cute You'll Eat It Up!: Cuteness as a Consumable Performance of Femininity in Pop Music
Rachel Rosenberg Ecological Impacts of Photovoltaic Arrays: With a Focus on Microclimate and Invertebrates
Zoe Rosenberger A Critical Inquiry into the Interlocking Logic of the Domination and Exclusion of Humans and Non-Human Animals
Cassidy Ross Archaeology
Gabriel Ross-Reich Division 3 Short Film
Aurora Roth Wasted Moments: Lost Time, Deregulated Bodies, and Transfeminist-Disability Politics
Max Roth Artists in the Pioneer Valley
Timothy Roth Narrative Film Production
Emma Rothman listening/witnessing/attending: performance, collaboration, and facilitation
Keon Ruddy a liminal space: exploring intimacy through photography
Grusha Sai Prasad The P600 for singular 'they': How your brain reacts when John decides to treat themselves to sushi
Satyajeet Salvi Removal of Mercury from Thiomersal via adsorption to nano zero-valent iron particles (nZVI)
Claire Sammut Holding / 283 Greene Avenue
Maggie Samuels Analyzing Shifts in Turkish Nationalism Through Computational Text Analysis Methods
Langston Sanchez Black/Surveillance
Lilia Sanzalone Trafficking protein CD147
Leland Schon Stand Structure and Composition of the Hampshire Woods
Samy Schrade Half Way Tree Organics & Developing Diasporic Infrastructures: A model for Ethical & International Business
Sarah Schwemberger Working Towards Food Justice: An Ethnography of Two Organizations in the Bay Area
Sean Seid Interpretations of Colonial American Dance Music
Alyssa Serrambana Fruits: The Theatrical Growth of a Persephone Musical and Its Writer
Sophia Shaw A Historical Analysis of Reproductive Health and Care: Agency, Knowledge, Power, and the Significance of Narratives
Anna Sheinaus Bugs under the influence: The impact of bupropion and hydroxyzine on cannibalism and behavior in aquatic insects
Noa Shems Layers of the Unconscious: Voice in Paper and Prose
Treat Shepardson Student Journalism and Language
Eli Shurberg The Eldritch and the Other; Race, Colonialism, and Genre in H.P. Lovecraft's Short Fiction
Jolie Simpson Legacy: An Exploration of Jewish Heritage through Photography & Fiction
John Sinclair Being in Rooms with People: a how to
Joshua Singer Environmental business design
Lynne Siringo Climate Change in New York City: An Investigation into Impacts and Planning
Alyssa Slotnick Miriam's Legacy and a Modern Poet
Lucy Smith #NotAllChurches: Individualism and the Other in Unitarian Universalist Community
Sophia Smith-Allen The Nature Walk Experience
Ben Socolofsky Western Ensos
Tessa Stackow Exploring Narrative Self-Concept: Non-Diagnostic Perspectives on Extreme Psychological States
Tomer Stern The Changing Nature of North-South Growth Linkages
Toni Stone Prison Abolition: Envisioning Futures of Resistance and Freedom
Meghan Straus Kalyra: An Exploration of Art and Analog Game Design by Meghan Straus
Olivia Streisand What we lost in the water
Rachael Strickler "Live as if freedom is obtainable:" Abolishing the Carceral State (of Mind) and Birthing a More Just World
Emma Sutton Aging in Place and the Accommodation of the Elderly in Architecture
Erika Tai The Adoptive, the Biological, and the Real:  Transnational Adoptees’ Notions of Kinship, Culture, and Identity
Amara Taylor Mythological Twins and the Underworld
Georgia Rae Teensma She's Leaving: When Image and Word Converge
James Thompson "Acquisition and Processing"
Peter Thomsen Insurgent Design: Architectural Critique through Installation
Jacques-Laurent Tiktin Jacques-Laurent Tiktin
Amber Tinsmon The Good Mother: The Creation of Maternal Identity
Moises Torres Urban Policy, Planning, Studies and Gentrification
Tenzin Tsering Adolescent Sexual Health Education in the Context of Tibetan-Indian Community
Marina Urquhart Popular Culture and Soft Power in South Korea
Ivy Vance Fiber Craft: Aesthetic and Artistic Strategies
Emilia Vecchiarelli "Feline Psychology and Behavior: a Study of Environment, Enrichment, and Relationships" and "Lights GO; an Exploration of Light Design"
Krysten Vinson Community Composition and Physiological Analysis of Foliar Endophytic Fungi Associated with Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant Sequoia)
Julia Warren An Embodied Grief: An Interdisciplinary Study of Moving Through Loss
Emma Weed a blue dream: writing into the unknown
Gemma Weiner "Well-Intentioned" White Women: Racism, Feminism, and Television Tropes
Flannery Weiss Beyond Comprehensive: A Proposition for Federal Education Policy on Sexual Health
Miranda Wiley Community Arts Spaces as Sites for Transgressive Learning to Aid in the Holistic Education of School-Aged Youth
CJ Williams The Desktop Archivist: Experimentations in and Considerations of The Digital and The Virtually Real
Raven Williams Intersections of History and Childhood Studies: An Exploration of Child Rulers
Joellen Wojcik Contained Explosions: Representing Trauma and Dissociation through Book Arts
Andrea Wong Maladaptive Perfectionism, Disguised Distress, and Help Seeking in the Culture of Saving Face among Asian Youth
Morgan Young A Plural Body: Stories for My Selves
Sarah Young Reaching Hands: holding
Maorr Zadok The Gift of Stories
Yue Zhang China's Current Agricultural Transition: A Case Study of Longtan County
Jack Zhao Simulation of the Internet
Fangzhou Zhu Money as Gift and Being away
Sophie Zimm A Media Study on Queer Jewish Lives
Andy Zito Syntree


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