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Bell Ringing Ceremonies

You finished! Congratulations! You finally get to ring that bell. But wait! Before you gather with your friends....

Your bell ringing is considered an "event" and, therefore, must be properly registered with campus leadership and activities (CLA). To reserve the bell for a certain time, you will need to come to CLA and sign up for your preferred day and time.

If you would like to serve alcohol at your bell ringing, you MUST meet with Janine Knight, assistant dean of students, a minimum of 14 days in advance of your event, and you MUST submit a beer and wine service contract. For more information, please email

Important Facts to Consider Before Deciding to Serve Alcohol

When hosting an event where alcohol will be served, please bear in mind that you will be required:

  • To abide by all College alcohol policies.
  • To hire a trained, certified, and Hampshire-approved alcohol server and to assure that that person, too, abides by all College alcohol policies.
  • To supply adequate amounts of food and non-alcoholic beverages (You may contact Bon Appetit Catering at 413.559.6235 to arrange for campus food service).
  • To hire (for most venues) one or more campus safety and security staff to monitor your event. This is a campus safety and security requirement. Please contact campus safety and security at 413.559.5424 to arrange for monitoring.
  • To supply our server with the signed copy of your beer and wine service contract so that they may produce it if requested to do so by public safety officers.

As the individual responsible for your event, you will also be accepting responsibility for any and all expenses incurred, including any damage to equipment and/or property. Please take the facts listed above into careful consideration when deciding whether or not to serve alcohol at your event.

Serving Alcohol at Your Bell Ringing

  1. Come to CLA to reserve the bell.
  2. Complete the Beer and Wine Service Contract.
  3. An absolute minimum of 14 days prior to the date of your bell ringing, email to set up an appointment to meet with Janine Knight, assistant dean of students, The purpose of that meeting will be to review the College's alcohol policies and to complete a beer and wine service contract. This contract must be completed a minimum of 14 days in advance of your event in order for you to serve alcohol. No contracts will be approved with less than 14 days advance notice.


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