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Committee of Ten

The Committee of Ten is an accountability body for the Hampshire Student Union that exists to:

  • Ensure bodies and members act in accordance with the principles outlined in the Purpose, Values, and Scope document
  • Ensure that bodies and members act in a transparent, ethical, and actively anti-racist manner
  • Continually assess the HSU's practices and collaborate to enact constant improvements

The responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Advising each scope group on best practices
  • Requesting reports from each scope group on its rate of participation, outreach, and ongoing improvement plans
  • Annually assessing each scope group by requesting end-of-year reports and self evaluations
  • Working towards a high level of accountability of elected and appointed representatives throughout the HSU by setting consistent standards
  • Responding to potential violations of community norms by appointing a member to bring relevant cases before the Community Review Board

The membership of the Committee of Ten includes five appointed students who have previously served in HSU positions and five elected at-large students who have not previously served in HSU positions. All members are required to be not actively involved in any other part of the student government during their term on the committee.

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