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The Hampshire Student Union (HSU) is Hampshire College's student government. The HSU was formed over a two-year period from 2011-2013, during which student governance at Hampshire was completely reassessed and rebuilt. This community-wide process resulted in the writing of a document called Purpose, Values, and Scope, which has become HSU's guiding document. Purpose, Values, and Scope outlines the objective of the Hampshire Student Union, the values that guide and inform HSU's work, and the specific areas that fall under HSU's purview.

Unlike traditional student government associations, HSU does not have elected leaders who make decisions on behalf of the student body; all students are a part of HSU by way of their participation in the town meeting. The town meeting is a gathering of students that happens three times a semester, where information is shared, student-to-student discussions take place, administrators present issues of importance to students, and decisions are made. In addition to town meeting, there are several distinct functions that define the Hampshire Student Union:

  • Coordinating Board, which is responsible for facilitating and supporting all bodies of the HSU
  • Funding Committee, which provide funding from the student activities fee to finance student groups and events
  • Scope Groups, who manage the daily work of the student government
  • Committee of Ten, which provides oversight and accountability for the HSU as well as ongoing assessment of its operations

For more information on the Hampshire Student Union, visit the HSU pages on Hampedia.

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