Infrastructure Recommendations


The recommendations below relate to the physical environment associated with smoking outside of campus buildings. This includes residence halls, academic, and administrative buildings. They were drafted after committee discussion, speaking with a number of facilities staff responsible for maintaining the grounds and building entrances, and committee consensus that the recommendations should not encourage smoking or be paid for by funds intended for more immediate or high priority needs.

Presently, the College's smoking policy does not permit smoking inside or within 25 feet of its buildings. Cigarette butt receptacles are placed at the main entrances to most buildings, and smoking shelters (gazebos) are located near the residence halls. Earlier in the year, signs had been placed on the exterior of some buildings reminding people about the 25 foot limit. The program did not work because the signs were torn off of the buildings or damaged by graffiti.

It was noted that the current placement of cigarette butt receptacles at building entrances does not work well for a number of reasons. In part, they encourage people to come within 25 feet of buildings with a lit cigarette, as well as provide a convenient location for people within the building to take a quick "smoke break." Additionally, they are dirty-looking and create a poor impression to visitors and others entering the buildings.

By design, the gazebos around the residence halls are located in highly visible and easily accessible locations. While this does encourage students to smoke away from the buildings, they too become littered with cigarette butts even though ashtrays are available. Like the building entrances, they tend to encourage smoking and create a poor impression on visitors and others.


  • Locate cigarette butt receptacles and seating 25 feet from buildings that are visible, but located and designed /landscaped in a way that minimizes the negative image.
  • Do not invest additional resources in any additional smoking shelters in any location on campus
  • Recruit the help of students by asking them to submit designs for no smoking signs within 25 feet from building entrances, and to help with developing and promoting educational and awareness campaigns.
  • As part of a campus smoking awareness day during the first week of each fall semester, place tape at the 25 foot point outside of campus buildings to demonstrate the no smoking area around campus buildings.

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