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Motherhood and Family

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Motherhood and Family

  • Arms, Suzanne. Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women and Childbirth. Bantam Books, 1981.
  • Blades, Joan and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner. The Motherhood Manifesto: What America’s Moms Want—and What to Do about It. Nation Books, 2006.
  • Bernard, Jessie. The Future of Motherhood. Dial Press, 1974.
  • Calling Home: Working-Class Women’s Writings. Ed. Janet Zandy. Rutgers University Press, 1990.
  • Chodorow, Nancy. The Reproduction of Mothering: Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender. University of California Press, 1978.
  • Choices: A Pro-Choice Benefit Comic. Ed. Trina Robbins.
  • Coontz, Stephanie. The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap. Harper Collins Publishers, 1992.
  • The Custom-Made Child? Women-Centered Perspectives. Ed. Helen B. Holmes, Betty B. Hoskins, and Michael Gross. Humana Press, Inc., 1981.
  • Hardin, Garrett. Mandatory Motherhood: The True Meaning of “Right to Life”. Beacon Press, 1974.
  • Lansky, Bruce. The Best Baby Name Book in the Whole Wide World. Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1991.
  • Motherlove: Stories by Women about Motherhood. Ed. Stephanie Spinner. Dell Publishing, 1978.
  • Mudrick, Tanya. Steam Bathing with Spirits: An Ethnoanatomical View of Khmer Women and Pregnancy. DivIII, 1996.
  • Rich, Adrienne. Of Woman Born. Bantam Books, 1981.
  • Rubin, Lillian Breslow. Worlds of Pain: Life in Working-Class Family. Basic Books, Inc., Publishers, 1969.
  • Rubin, Nancy. The New Suburban Woman: Beyond the Myth and Motherhood. Coward, McCann, & Geoghegan, 1982.
  • Rugh, Andrea B. Family in Contemporary Egypt. Syracuse University Press, 1984.
  • Wolf, Margery. Women and Family in Rural Taiwan. Stanford University Press, 1972.
  • Women and the Family in the Middle East: New Voices of Change. Ed. Elizabeth Warnock Fernea. University of Texas Press, 1985.
  • Young, Michael and Peter Willmott. Family and Kinship in East London. Penguin Books, 1957.
  • Zaretsky, Eli. Capitalism, the Family, and Personal Life. Harper & Row, Publishers, 1973.


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