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Scope Group on Student Leadership

The Scope Group on Student Leadership supports a wide array of student engagement at Hampshire by doing the following:

  • arranging and supporting student involvement with campus leadership and activities during the student group reconition process
  • taking active involvement in elections for student positions on the board of trustees and the board of trustees' committees, and working collaboratively with the secretary of the College in so doing
  • managing the election/appointment process for student representatives to College committees (outside of academic schools) and ad hoc task forces, in collaboration and in accordance with a given committee and its needs
  • working to achieve a high level of accountability of elected and appointed representatives by setting standards in coordination with the Committee of Ten
  • articulating a vision for student group success at Hampshire College, and, in collaboration with campus leadership and activities, and contributing to the support of groups to achieve that success

For more information about this group, please contact the Hampshire Student Union Coordinating Board.


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