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Photography class
The CMI undergraduate program is on hiatus for summer 2016. Creative Media Viewfinders, the CMI's pre-college program, can be found here.  
The 2014 and 2015 CMI program consisted of two screening seminars and two creative labs. The CMI program alternated between the screening seminars and creative labs. Full program participants were together as one group during the seminars, then were split into nonfiction, fiction, and photography tracks for the labs. The four-week CMI program was for individuals studying nonfiction, fiction, and experimental media production, analog photography, and film and media studies. Participants were required to take part in screenings and discussions during the seminars and to create an original work during the labs. Some media production experience was required.

Screening Seminars

Participants take part in daily screenings bookended by discussions and interviews led by artists, scholars, and critics. Guest artists bring in colleagues to screen and discuss works. The goal of the seminars is to bring together a community of diverse perspectives for week-long, intensive looks into specific areas of cinema, video, and photography. The seminars are designed to be stand-alone programs. Anyone (undergrads, artists, educators, curators, and programmers) can attend one or both screening seminars. During the Screening Seminar, in addition to attending screenings, discussions, and artist talks; photography, nonfiction, and fiction participants will attend different workshops. 

Creative Labs

During the creative labs, students follow separate paths based on the medium (moving or still image) and mode of expression (nonfiction or fiction). Students attend workshops in the morning and head out into the field during the afternoon. The labs provide a safe space to experiment with approach, style, and practice. Only participants attending all four weeks of the program can take part in creative labs. Here are the different tracks:


Fiction Video 

The Fiction Video Creative Labs provide participants with the opportunity to write rehearse and shoot three to four short works using a number of different, creative restraints to inspire innovation and experimentation. Working in writer-director teams, participants will work together with a cast and crew that the CMI will provide them for each shoot.


The Photography Creative Labs offer an intensive study of portraiture in its broadest sense, including themes of identity, culture, and place. Participants working in photography will have the opportunity to work in a range of media: from cyanotype and wet-plate collodion tintype to film (medium format and instant) and digital capture.

Nonfiction Video

The Nonfiction Video Creative Labs provide participants with the opportunity to experience the process of making a nonfiction short. Shooting teams will be assigned a local person or place to investigate, explore, and document. Later, each team member will be required to edit and screen a rough edit of a short based on a chiosen local subject.



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