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Fadia Hasan's doctoral research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst focused on environmental communication, global youth activism, new media technologies, community economies and sustainable social change. Her research led her to found The BGreen Project, an international nonprofit focused on mobilizing global youth on building collaborative networks to bring forth sustainable social development and transformation. Currently, Hasan is working as the sole author on an internationally contracted book project titled "Participatory Action Research and the Environment: The BGreen Project in the U.S. and Bangladesh," which is an adaptation of her doctoral dissertation project.

Hampshire College is also Hasan's alma mater. The institution's commitment to innovative and engaged academia draws her to be part of a dynamic legacy that merges voices from diverse communities with educational knowledge in bringing about creative sustained social change. Hasan's goals as a teacher and researcher follow a holistic approach that aims to connect seemingly disparate dots (people and communities) in an interdisciplinary and unique academic universe to produce a bigger, richer, and more inclusive outcome.

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