Students working in Hampshire College's Summer Academic Program LIT

Institute for Linguistics, Image, and Text

June 4-29, 2018

Program Overview

This four-week intensive summer program will explore central topics in semantics, psycholinguistics, and the philosophy of language and mind by applying influential theories to poetic and literary verse, graphic novels, comics, film, and other forms of visual art. The program will consist of class discussions, focused group work, and local field trips to museums, cinemas, and other cultural sites in the Five College consortium. At the conclusion of the program, students will have the opportunity to present their work in a professional conference setting, in which they will create and analyze their own narrative art in terms of the theory taught in the class, while applying acquired skills of effective presentation. This program is designed for students who are intrigued by the linguistic workings of the human mind and artistic expression. Students will learn to synthesize theories of linguistic narration with the practices of artistic creation.

Students will also have the opportunity to apply for paid internships. The internships will last 5 weeks and begin after the completion of LIT. On-campus housing will be provided.

All of the course material felt really balanced and satisfying. I liked that there was a mix of papers to read, field trips, movies, etc. Having all these different mediums to analyze was extremely engaging and rewarding.

2017 LIT Program Participant

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