LIT Overview

This program focuses on the linguistic workings of the human mind and artistic expression. A brief overview and the 2017 program syllabus, from which the 2018 syllabus will be modeled, are available below.


An introduction to the Summer Academic Programs at Hampshire.

Week One

Introduction to the study of meaning: the study of what is said (semantics) and what can be inferred from what is said (pragmatics).

Week Two

Learning discourse coherence theory through analysis of selected poems, short stories, and a novella.

Week Three

Exploring connections between words and visual art through a graphic novel and a visit to the Museum of Illustration in New York.

Professor Polina Barskova will give an evening lecture about the Nobel Prize-winning author Ivan Bunin, whose short story ("Sunstroke") we will analyze.

Week Four

Exploring connections between words and visual art through film and a visit to Amherst Cinema.

Professor Laura Sizer will give an evening lecture about narrative in tattoo art.

Final Project

Students will present their work in a professional conference setting in which they will create and analyze their own narrative art in terms of the theory taught in the class.


Check out the 2018 LIT syllabus draft (pdf).

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