Animation class with Dillon Markey

Hollywood Animation Alum Builds Stop-Motion Studio at Hampshire

New studio will help support courses, indie filmmaking, and a new student group inspired by Dillon Markey's teaching

Hollywood Animation Alum Builds Stop-Motion Studio at Hampshire

Stop Motion Animation Intensive

June 4-29, 2018

Program Overview

In this film production workshop, students will collaborate over a rigorous schedule to create a stop motion short film from scratch. The method is a simulation of a real life animated production and the goal is a complete film. Students will work as a team to gain valuable production experience and (if we are successful) an IMDB credit on a short film that screens in festivals.

This program is not a dress rehearsal, nor is it intended to "replicate" a production. The goal of this course is to create and complete a short film and release it to the world. On the majority of productions an artist does not have the luxury of self-doubt or indecision; this program is designed specifically to illustrate the importance of fearless decisiveness and diligent commitment to an idea.

A more detailed overview of the program can be found here: Stop Motion Summer 2018

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