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The Science of Food

July 16-27, 2018

This program will blur the line between kitchen and laboratory as we explore the chemistry and microbiology of good food and cooking. Students will get hands-on experience with a variety of techniques and approaches to cooking and fermentation while learning the scientific principles that make them possible. We will explore a broad range of topics from the bacteria transforming milk into cheese to the chemistry of molecular gastronomy being used by the most innovative chefs, so bring your curiosity and appetite!


Jason Tor, associate professor of microbiology in the School of Natural Science at Hampshire College.

Professor Tor once had a very difficult decision to make: Should he be a scientist or a chef? He was drawn to the experimental nature of laboratory science and loved seeking the answers to difficult questions. Professor Tor also loved working in the kitchen, however, and was fascinated by the transformations in food that resulted from the creative cooking process.

Eventually, he decided to pursue a Ph.D. in microbiology at the University of Massachusetts, but still studied independently to fulfill his curiosity about food and cooking. He found that as he deepened his knowledge of scientific processes and skills in the lab, his experimental approach to cooking and understanding the breadth of possibilities was greatly expanded. Since joining the faculty of Hampshire College in 2002, Professor Tor has been able to merge his interests and offer a variety of courses on the science of food, cooking, and fermentation.

2018 Important Deadlines

April 13: Priority Deadline for all completed and submitted applications to receive a 10% tuition discount

May 4: Deposit Deadline ($450 deposit must be received in order to secure your spot in the program)

May 18: Application Deadline (all application materials must be submitted)

June 1: Payment Deadline (all payments must be submitted)

2018 Payment and Fees

Tuition: $2,050
Housing: $450
Meals: $420

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